It is big and ‘Sur’real!

There are places that are so picturesque that you can not take a bad photo. Then there is Big Sur. The 'sur'real land along the central California coast stretches 90 miles long. You hear stories about the beauty of big sur. But this is not a land that can be told by stories. This is... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Circus by the Beach

What do you think of when you hear Venice Beach? Maybe Muscle Beach, or skateboarders, or surfers? Yes, this all still exists. But the little beach town in Los Angeles has charm and infectious ways that make you never want to leave.You can not help but fall in love with Venice Beach. It makes you... Continue Reading →

Kissed by the Greek Gods

When you think of Greece, you think of the Greek Gods. The land was made for and by the gods. It shows in every city and every island. You can easily get swept away with its color and charm. And let us not forget about the food. I have eaten all over the world and... Continue Reading →

Open hearts equals happy travels

I enter a new place, a brand new destination, like a kid in a candy store. Soaking up any and everything I can get my hands on. I treat it as if I will never get to go back again. That way you are truly living and experiencing the beauty. I understand that it can... Continue Reading →

Island of the Rich and Famous

Capri is just a short 25 minute ferry ride from Sorrento. The infamous island lives up to its name. Capri is a major destination for every tourist in Italy. You just have to put on a brave face and power through. Dodging the crowds is well worth the visit. We decided that if we really... Continue Reading →

You got to have faith!

Amalfi coast I have a new profound respect for the drivers of the Sita buses along the Amalfi Coast. They not only put their life in danger they are responsible for 48 others. You wind and wind down the Italian coast from Sorrento to Amalfi. I never get car sick and I love heights. But... Continue Reading →

On the move

Ponza island just stole our hearts. It was hard for us to pull away from the daily boat rides and pasta on the beach. The island was so special, I am taking a little time to get my thoughts together on my Ponza blog entry. To be continued! We were a little off on the... Continue Reading →

No plan is my good plan!!

My plan for this trip was no plan. And that is of course easier said than done. We have read about the possible places we are traveling to. But most of our knowledge comes from the people we meet, and the owners of our bed and breakfasts. That is one of my huge money savers.... Continue Reading →

Pizza = balanced meal..right?

My best friend and I are taking the islands of Europe by storm. Alyson DiFranco is the one who named my website, Getlostwithlindsay, she's knows me best. I get way lost. But I find myself better than before. She was amazing to sign up for the adventure and for some reason she trust me!! Naples... Continue Reading →

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