The Secret Life of Ponza

Traveling as the locals do has always been a motto for me. Where the locals travel is usually the place to go. So, when I was planning our Italian trip in the fall, I thought to myself where do the Italians travel. They do not usually go to the hotspots of Rome, Venice, or Florence.... Continue Reading →

Keep calm…and carry on!

When you commit to traveling either to multiple places, or even just staying put in one location for a short amount of time, you have deal with your luggage. And sometimes you have to be able to be on the GO. Everywhere you go you need to be able to carry your bags up and... Continue Reading →

Living the boat life in Croatia

All aboard Tuna! Tuna will be my home for the next 7 days as i travel around the top Croatian islands. I had to see them all, so by boat I go! There are 25 passengers and 3 crew members on our new floating home. There are a few boat companies that offer this trip,... Continue Reading →

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