Keep calm…and carry on!

When you commit to traveling either to multiple places, or even just staying put in one location for a short amount of time, you have deal with your luggage. And sometimes you have to be able to be on the GO. Everywhere you go you need to be able to carry your bags up and down and be fully mobile. You need to be able to run to a train, plane, or boat. Some days I would ride all three in a matter of hours. It does get tiring, but that is why packing light is key. I did not bring my big hiking backpack on my last trip. I had a roller carry on. You heard me right. Carry on for a month long trip. It will save your arms and your sanity. I also always bring bags inside of bags. That way I can even out the weight. Sounds crazy, but a week into the trip you will want to leave your bags behind if you don’t listen to me! You need to re-look at your bag and decide what is a necessity. What can you re-wear in multiple ways. I always pack outfits that can be easily switched up with other outfits. I always have one outfit that can be worn to about any occasion. For me traveling is not a runway show. I am there for the adventure. And think about it, anywhere you are in the world has stores. Trust me…and keep calm and carry on 🙂

Cary on


The Southern City that has it ALL

The city that has it all. This might sound a bit impossible, but if you have had the pleasure to visit the southern city, Charleston, then you know exactly what I am talking about. I grew up in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Then after a few years at University of Tennessee I landed at the College of Charleston. After just moments I felt at home. The city does have it all. Everywhere you turn there is history, culture, food, fashion, THE BEACH, and just great people. What else could you ever want? There is a pause I get when I say my family all lives in Charleston. It is a pause of why did you ever leave? I ask myself this question all the time.

I do something different every time I go to Charleston. I eat at new places, I go to a new beach, and I soak up the sunset from a new secret spot. You can do anything you want. Historians say that the city of Charleston was saved from fires during the civil war because a Union General was having an affair with an established lady of the south. She said do not touch my city! The city survived a war and continues to soar in amazing directions. You can feel that romance walking down the cobble stone streets. Or when you get lost around the battery where Charleston took up its defense.
The restaurants are really making an impression in the foodie world. Some of my new favorites are:  Leon’s, The Ordinary, Macintosh, Husk, Poe’s Tavern, Xiao Bao, the list goes on and a new distillery on the famous King Street, Charleston Distilling Co. One of my favorite magazines, Garden and Gun, is also based out of Charleston.
Some might say that I am biased as a southerner. But ask anyone, Charleston is one of the greatest cities in the world. I get lost everyday of my life on this travel adventure, and my answer has never changed. Run, not walk, to the city that has it all. I promise you will not be disappointed. The greatest thing of all is that the city was saved by a woman, you know I love that!

Who said climbing trees are for kids?


The beautiful state flag


The beautiful Ravenel bridge


The architecture and history still seems to amaze me


Some of the trees in Charleston are up to 1400 years old


Palm trees make me happy


Marina of Charleston


Make sure to take a pedicab around downtown


Life is about champagne and fried chicken in the south


It is a boat life
History tours on board a horse and carriage


A trip to Charleston is not complete without going to the market and seeing the craftsmanship of the handmade sweetgrass baskets


About to shuck a lot of oysters


Famous rainbow row


Seeing the rosey side of things with fresh fish ceviche and a glass of bubbly


Hey! Pick on someone your own size

Living the boat life in Croatia

All aboard Tuna! Tuna will be my home for the next 7 days as i travel around the top Croatian islands. I had to see them all, so by boat I go! There are 25 passengers and 3 crew members on our new floating home. There are a few boat companies that offer this trip, but we decided to go with Sail Croatia. We were very happy with our boat and our decision.

Within minutes I had quickly become friends with people from all over the world. The agenda is island hopping of course, but first the mid evil city of Dubrovnik. It is one of the most enchanting cities I have ever been to, and the filming place of Game of Thrones! Kings Landing up close and personal. It was magical…and I was geeking out!

A daily routine of morning sailing and swimming, followed by lunch, and then port a new island by afternoon. I could get use to this! I was feeling very lucky by the heavenly landscape and living the boat life. I was already head over heels for Croatia. I know that a lot of people travel to the country, but I also feel like I have found a hidden gem. As I do in every country, I hiked, ate, and tried about every local wine possible! I ate in someone’s back yard, kayaked, and danced in a cave! Let’s just say I had an amazing time, and a tan to prove it. Everyone needs to explore this amazing country!

Island hopping line-up:

Dubrovnik- Game of other words needed:)

Mljet- The island is one beautiful national park

Korcula- The town where Marco Polo is claimed to be born. Don’t argue with the locals, they are very sure of this!

Hvar- Climb the Spanjola fortress and don’t miss the sunset at Hula Hula Bar.

Stari Grad- Wine Tasting!

Makarska- The beautiful island has a dance club in a cave!

Split- Final stop and great place to explore, if you are not too tired. Korcula

Captain Lindsay


Fortress in Hvar

Fun times

Kings Landing

Mljet's National Park

Morning Sail


View from my cabin entering the port of  Makarska

Winery Friends

Živjeli (cheers in Croatian)