TV and Movie themed Airbnbs

People are traveling different now. With the re-set of travel there is an increased appetite to journey to places that we have relished watching on TV. This is where the term TV/Film Tourism has come from. It is a form of tourism where people travel to locations and destinations because of their love for Film and TV shows. We are all getting off the couch and on the plane to new adventures.

Below are fun innovative Airbnb’s that you can rent all movie or TV themed.

1. Scream House

Do you like Scary movies? If so, this airbnb is for you! Original “Scream” movie came out in 1996 and because a cult classic over night. This house is located in northern California and is the house from the end of the movie where Neve Cambell learns the identities of the killers. This is great for groups and the house is set up that you feel like you are in the movie. Good luck to those who dare!

‘SCREAM’ HOUSE– photos Via Airbnb

2. Moulin Rouge

Get your passports out because we are going from screaming to singing. I love this experience so much. For the first time ever, they have created a beautiful room in the iconic Moulin Rouge windmill for you to rent. Sleeping in this bed you will feel like Nicole Kidman from the beloved movie “Moulin Rouge.” The stay includes a 3-course meal, backstage access, and best seats in the house to the cabaret show. Perfect for a romantic getaway.

‘MOULIN ROUGE’ RED WINDMILL– photos via Airbnb

3. Mystery Machine Van

Do you like that van life? If so, this stay is for you. The first ever live action Scooby Doo film came out 20 years ago. And for the first time you can rent and stay in the Mystery Machine Van. The van became a huge part of the story along for the rides for solving all the mysteries. The van has all the details we love. Retro TV, lava lamp, and you can even check out the wardrobe from all the characters. This is great for the outdoorsy lover and with the location in southern California perched on a mountain, what is there not to love?


4. The Slater

Saved by the Bell was loved by so many in the 90’s. So many of us rushed home from school to catch our favorite characters hanging out at The Max. Now you can too! In Dallas, Texas a couple turned our dreams into reality. And they have thought of everything. Play retro games, what VHS movies, or even enjoy your favorite childhood cereal. Perfect for friends! The place sleeps up to 6 people. I know who is going to bring his family soon. My friend Mario Lopez 🙂

THE SLATER- photos via Airbnb

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