Skipping through Switzerland: Lindsay on Location

Lindsay on Location has made its way to the beautiful country of Switzerland. The sheer beauty of Switzerland instantly enters you when you see blue glacier lakes, heaven scraping mountains, and cows roaming the Alps looking for green pastures. 

The first stop was in Bern. A picturesque, walkable UNESCO World Heritage town that is just lovely. It is a great town to pop around in for the afternoon. They have quaint coffee shops and pubs for you to have a great lunch. The train station gives a great perk for travelers. They provide lockers in the train station for weary travelers to stow their belongings for a few hours. When you’re done hopping around town downing Swiss ales and cheese, you hop on a train to wherever you’re headed. We happened to be heading to Interlaken. 

Lake Brienz in Interlaken is something that everyone needs to experience in their lifetime. In the middle of a massive mountain range lies a blue, turquoise glacier lake. We had the experience of kayaking in these gentle waters. Ringgenberg castle is a 12th century castle that is nestled on the cliffs of the lake, which is great for a little hike after paddling. After cruising the lake, take the time to jump into that icy cold lake. Good for the soul. 

Now that we’ve seen some majestic views of towering mountains and crystal lakes; it’s time to head to the vibrant village of Grindelwald. It is nestled in a pristine, unique alpine landscape. From there it is transport to see the Top of Europe. It takes a cable car to the midpoint, then a train that runs through the mountain to reach the 3,454 meter/11,332 foot top. The air streams across your face, snow crunches under your feet and the glacier opens up a different world. If the views don’t take your breath away, the 20% less oxygen will. You can feel the lack of oxygen with your first step. It is like you’re visiting a different planet.

Have you had an itch to walk inside a glacier? Well, here it is. Top of Europe has an Ice palace where you can walk around and be totally surrounded by glacier ice. Since the glacier is ever moving, they have to maintain the area all the time. Bring a jacket because it is surprisingly cold walking through a glacier. 


Ever wanted to visit a car-free mountain village that is two miles straight up the mountain? Well, I’ve got the town for you. Murren is a small town on Mt. Schilthorn. The town offers a wide range of hikes and excursions to visitors seeking active enjoyment of a peaceful, natural environment. Come here to relax, the hikes and for the views. You are truly living the Alp life when in Murren. 

Our guide Nick met us in Murren for a morning hike and Swiss breakfast. During the tour, we climbed for about an hour and a half to reach the alpine cheese farm. It was quite the experience watching the mountain farmers show their craft. The alpine cheese is produced over months. They use huge cauldrons, a wood fire, and local cow’s milk to produce everything. After seeing how the cheese is produced, stored, and aged, it was time to have a great Swiss breakfast of break, fruit, and cheese. We needed that cheese energy for the hike down. 

The cable car to Piz Gloria is a 2-minute walk, so farther up the mountain we shall go. Piz Gloria is a mountain top famous for shooting a James Bond film in the sixties. They have a 360°-Restaurant Piz Gloria. It is an impressive panorama experience in the Alps. On a clear day, you can even see as far as the Mont Blanc Massif in France and Germany’s Black Forest. One of the best views you can find in Switzerland. 

Where to stay

Hotel Metropole in Interlaken

Located in the very heart of Interlaken with splendid views of the Jungfrau mountain range.12 rooms without balcony, 36 standard rooms, 30 premium rooms, 16 deluxe rooms and two suites located on the 13th & 14th floor. . Metro Bar. Fitness area, lounge, terrace, sauna. Parking facilities on-site. 8 minutes walking distance from the train station.

Hotel Sunstar in Grindelwald

4-star-hotel built in chalet style and modern architecture, centrally located across from the first-Gondola lift. It offers a nice view of the surrounding mountains and glaciers and a spacious hotel lounge with live music.

Chalet Hotel Alpenruh in Murren

The Hotel Alpenruh is situated next to the cable car station in Mürren and offers views of the three famous peaks of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Its staff assure guests of a warm welcome in the car-free resort of Mürren at the heart of the Bernese Oberland. The chalet style-accommodation provides a traditional restaurant with a sun terrace.

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  1. Lindsay,Hi I’m Larry Fagan Im 66 years old not rich i guess above average or average. But I’ve always wanted to travel. How do i get started to go on a trip through Europe. I’ve always wanted to spend time in Ireland seeing that i am Irish. My wife Natalie is Italian and we would like to spend time visiting Italy. And ive always wanted to see Switzerland and Greece and Croatia. Were do i start?

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