Bathing in Bath: Lindsay on Location

Lindsay on Location has made its way to Bath, England, where the town is a walking movie set. Every corner has you walking in the same footsteps with the ancient Romans and enjoying the same natural springs they dipped their toes in 2,000 years ago. The Thermae Bath Spa is the only natural thermal hot spring in Britain that you can bathe in. 

Or, if you are a literary addict, be inspired by the Georgian architecture in town that influenced Jane Austen and Mary Shelley.  There are so many stunning sights other than the baths to see; the iconic Royal Crescent, the beautiful Circus, quaint pubs and the rolling countryside of Somerset. 

Bath has gotten a lot of attention as of late because it is where Netflix’s Bridgerton is filmed. Bath has a starring role in the show, not only is Bridgerton shot in Bath, but also Les Miserables, The Duchess and Vanity Fair. You can see tour guides showing all the filmed spots spotted from these films and T.V. shows. Bath has you transported back in time and showcases its charm and personality. 

Fashion Museum

This museum was started by Doris Langley Moore, who was kind enough to donate her collection to the city in 1963. Here you can see how fashion has progressed through the centuries and decades. The best part of the exhibit is you can actually dress up in clothing from different eras. See how you would look in dresses from the late Victorian era. 

Before you leave the museum, make sure to see the assembly rooms where the ballroom scenes were shot for Bridgerton. Dance, twirl and pretend you are at a gala.

Frankenstein Museum

Bath is famous for its beauty, but it is also known for the inspiration of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. At this immersive experience, come and explore the fascinating, literary world of this classic. In 1816, Mary  wrote Frankenstein while residing in Bath at the young age of 19. This new visitor attraction blurs the lines between museum and immersive experience with 4 floors of atmospheric and entertaining spaces. Also check out the challenging escape room, if time did not run up, we might still be in there.

Penny Farthing

Penny Farthing are those large front wheel, small back wheel contraptions that you can see in the old-timey movies. They enjoyed popularity in the 1880’s, although the popularity was short lived, it became a symbol of the late Victorian era. 

It is more difficult than it looks. You have to build up speed, about 8 MPH, before you step up a ladder, then plop on the seat. The process is nerve wracking, all while keeping your balance. We never graduated to getting off without assistance, because to demount it is the same process but in reverse. 

Thermae Bath

Bathe like the Romans. Even though you cannot jump in the ancient baths, you can enjoy the same spring waters as them. The spring has over 42 minerals in the water at Thermae Bath. The venue pumps water from the natural spring into their pool on the roof that overlooks the town and into another indoor pool inside their facility.

After spending two hours in their pools and saunas, you can feel the minerals doing their magic on your skin and soul. Feel Roman for the day. 

Bridgerton Fans check out the following spots: Holburne Museum which is Lady Danbury’s house in the show. NO.1 Royal Crescent is the Featherington’s home. Assembly Rooms located inside the Fashion museum are used for the social galas. Abby Green area is where they shot the Modiste dress shop.

Bridgerton Experience- If you can not make it to Bath, the Bridgerton Experience is coming to you. Launching first in LA, DC, Chicago, and Montreal. This is a full immersive experience full of music, costumes, dancing, and the queen. Just like on the show that we have all fallen in love with. Will you be the next diamond of the ball?

Where to eat?


A family-run Italian restaurant that serves amazing rustic pizzas, a delicious charcuterie, and dough that is made from seaweed, turmeric, grano arso and many other other ingredients. A great Italian eatery.

Ivy Bath Brasserie

We had afternoon tea in this colorful spot. It is a space steeped in ancient history, with art-deco details, antique brass lights and a dark oak polished floor that makes you feel like you are dining with royalty. 

Jars Meze

It is a great Greek restaurant spot right in the middle of town. A great place to order some Mediterranean sides, a great glass of wine and enjoy their great seafood.

Le Vignoble

A great spot to sip on a variety of wine throughout the world. It is a self-serve wine shop where you can enjoy some meat and cheese as well. One of the best spots for wine in Bath.

Beckford Bottle Shop

Another great wine venue where you can enjoy an intimate date-night. With comfortable couches, pleasurable atmosphere and candlelight, you can sit here with a bottle for hours.

Coeur De Lion

A quaint spot that is self proclaimed as the tiniest pub in Bath. Their crackling fireplace will have you enjoying their ales for the afternoon.

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