Be Like Breckenridge: Lindsay on Location

Lindsay on Location headed to Breckenridge, Colorado for the International Snow Sculpting Competition. We had the best time with GoBreck exploring the beautiful area and getting a front row seat to the artist as they created snow masterpieces. There were participants from all over the world who wanted to share their creative expertise. It is quite the marvel seeing these sculptures as big as houses. Job well done.

Fresh Tracks

We always love to go care-less when we can! We were pleasantly surprised to find out that Fresh Tracks has an airport-to-door pick-up service. It was all easy and effortless.

Breckenridge Ski Resort

Being just steps from a historic downtown and a skiing slope on the other side is a tough find. The Village at Breckenridge gives that experience where you can stretch your skis across 3,000 acres of terrain and majestic mountain views. The property includes a ski school, sports equipment rentals/gear shops, and all the amenities that you need while in town. Since I am not a skier, it was super easy walking over to the rental shop and picking up all the gear. It is great to have all you need within walking distance; because, when you are in a ski town, you want to be able to walk to the slopes and to a pub for all the experiences. 

Breck Nordic Center

The Breckenridge Scenic Snowcat Tour is an experience that the whole family can enjoy. You sit back, relax and enjoy Breckenridge’s outdoors in an all-glass cabin, which is heated and provides majestic panoramic views. These gigantic machines are designed by Pinifarina in Italy where they have designed Ferraris. It is quite the experience getting to see uninterrupted views of Colorado’s landscape and wildlife. Along the path you can see moose, deer, and elk frollicking in the winter wonderland. And, all this land is protected, so you can only visit it in the wintertime. This is the perfect winter adventure for all ages and the entire family. Trust me, its truly a wonderful wintertime experience. And there is even a cabin from the 1800’s and hot chocolate along the way.

Good Times Adventures

Is there a better way to experience the snowy outdoors than with Siberian Huskies? Our guide took us out on a run with 8 Huskies pulling us for the ride. There are pristine paths that cut and snake through the Colorado Rockies. The Huskies are super friendly and love being out there living their best lives. This is a can’t miss to enjoy that Rocky Mountain air. We were basically along for the ride while the dogs were living their best life’s.

Breckenridge Distillery

We headed our way to the local distillery to put our blending skills to the test. The master distiller, Hans, came out to help us expand our palettes, noses, and minds to aggregate flavors. It was quite the challenge deciphering all the aromas and tastes that come with every barrel. The end goal was to create a personal blend of their bourbon whiskey. I must say that we killed it and brought home a bourbon blend that is uniquely mine and rivals any bourbon blend. If you are a whiskey lover this blend lab is for you.

After making a master-class bottle of bourbon, we stepped out of the lab and into their restaurant. Their menu is curated by David Burke and the menu most definitely does not disappoint. Make sure to order their smoked old-fashioned that is served in a treasure chest. One cannot go wrong with anything that you order. 

Carboy Winery/ Gold Pan Saloon

I am a sucker for a nice wine spot. Carboy winery started out by sourcing their grapes, and now has transitioned to growing their own grapes in Colorado. Their mission statement describes themselves as elevating their wine to a world-class level and to help put Colorado on the map with winemaking. And, I can say that they are doing quite the job in Breckenridge. 

Don’t forget their neighbor. Connected next door is the Gold Pan Saloon. It has stood for over 140 years; outlasting prohibition, gunfights on the regular, and having the longest continuous liquor license west of the Mississippi. Gold Pan has beers, wines, and hot drinks for you to enjoy after a full day on the slopes. Get there early because it seems like the whole town likes to get there for an ale. 

Cabin Juice at Gravity Haus

Do you like food? I do. Gravity Haus was an absolute treat. Breckenridge has many good restaurants sprinkled about in the area, but head to Cabin Juice. They source their ingredients from local farms and it shows through with their dishes. We shared the braised Colorado short rib, Alaskan wild caught black cod, and the shishito peppers. We wanted to experience the land and sea and loved it all.

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