Better Belize It: Lindsay on Location

You better belize it that Lindsay on Location made its way down to Central America. Belize borders Mexico to the north, the Caribbean Sea to the east and Guatemala to the south.

We traveled to a peninsula called Placencia. A jungle surrounds this beautiful area and you can discover what Belize has to offer: rapid rivers, cacao farms and blue oceans. 

The major flights from the U.S. fly you into Belize city which is less than a two hour flight from most major U.S. cities. Then you have to brave it by getting on a prop plane to get to our final destination of Sirenian Bay. Even though the plane ride was forty five minutes, I was still full of nerves feeling the plane hop up and down with every air pocket that we came across the Caribbean sky. But, Tropic Air took great care of us!

We made the touchdown in Palencia and we were on our way to Sirenian Bay. The resort is a gorgeous property right on the beach. We stayed in the pool-side bungalow, which is a stone’s throw away from their outdoor bar, snooty’s. Walking into the property you are greeted with a complimentary caribbean cocktail, as well as, the warmest welcome from the staff. We had the privilege to stay for the week and by the week’s end the staff was more like family. Sirenian Bay is like no other in Belize. It is the first resort to offer all-inclusive. Another reason the resort feels so special is that the owners put so much love and care into every detail. 

The Sirenian resort brings adventures to you. There is a professional 18-hole mini golf course, a massive garden, and live entertainment.  They have the only mini golf course and pickleball courts. There are so many activities to choose from, paddle boards, kayaks, and bicycles. Or, if you are looking for a more romantic experience you can get their honeymoon villa that has its own pool and kitchen. The food blew me away. Using ingredients grown right there on the property, you could feel the tropical spices in every bite. Don’t miss out on their rum and wine tastings and of course their spa experiences. 

One of the special groups of people on the island are the Garfuna – Mix of African descent and indigineous people.  They played for us one night at the resort, and they had the audience fully engaged: dancing, drumming, and of course you know I had to get in on the fun.

Our first adventure brought us to the high seas of the Caribbean. The company, Captain Jaks, had a full day of experience waiting for us. Our first stop was on a sandbar, about an hour from the mainland. They have you strapped with snorkeling gear, jumping in the water, and instantly swimming around the second biggest coral reef in the world. There you will see nurse sharks, sea turtles, and barracudas in the open ocean. It took me a minute to brave it with swimming Belize’s residents, but it was worth every second. 

If that wasn’t enough, Captain Jaks took us to a walkable, deserted island. They prepared a true Belizean lunch, with coconut rice, suckling pork, blackened chicken, and some Belizean cervezas. 

It’s not just beaches and oceans in Belize, the Belize Rainforest is something to see. Howler monkeys can be seen jumping through the branches. Over 600 species of birds inhabit the area. We saw them up close and personal when we ziplined through the jungle. When you are in the jungle, expect some rain. And, that is exactly what we encountered zip lining and river tubing through the jungle filled mountains. Flying high over the rainforest is something everyone needs to experience. It was safe and a great thrillseeker activity. 

Have you ever had a cacao painted all over your body? I did! I did the cacao wrap at Sirenian Bay. They use all natural ingredients to detox and moisturize. First, they used the beans to scrub my skin, then they painted on the cacao, next they wrapped you in warm banana leaves, then wrapped you in plastic wrap, and finally in a blanket. THis is all creating heat while detoxing your skin. My skin felt so soft and fresh after the treatment, and I smelt like chocolate for days!   

An excursion that can’t be missed is a trip to a Ixcacao farm.

Here you will learn about how the Mayans used to drink their cacao, the European influence on chocolate, all the healthy benefits of the bean, and you can try the end product of chocolate. From tree to table is their experience, and it is amazing to walk through a farm knowing where your chocolate comes from. Their family has lived to be over 100 years old. And they say their secret is drinking cacao. I think we might have just found the fountain of youth, and it just so happens to be a chocolate fountain. I don’t know about you, but I think I just found  my new favorite drink!

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  1. How do you book this?… meaning all the travel and do they offer airport pick up?..always wanted to go to Belize! Please let me know! Thank you!

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