Personalized Holiday Gift Guide

Personalized Jewelry

With the return of Sex and the City (And just like that) so is personalized jewelery, Carrie put on the map the name plate knecklace, so there is no surprise that it is one of the top items to get right now. Below are three jewelry designers and stores that I love for gifts this year.

Soul Jewelry– You can keep this jewelry forever. I love my Lindsay nameplate necklace and the large name hoop earrings.


BaubleBar– This is a great store for fun and creative pieces. I love the acrylic version of the name plate. $58

Mara Made– An Etsy shop that has very affordable and unique options. We had custom hair claws made. $25

Gifts for Couples

The Night Sky– You can have a custom star map of a special moment in time. They capture the stars the night of a date that is special to you or a loved one. This is a great gift for anyone in your life. It can be any date. Your wedding date, your first kiss, maybe with your children were born. You just submit the date and they send you the star map. $125

Elaly Cuts Keychain– This great Etsy store will take a special song or playlist and turn it into a keychain. You submit a photo and the song and they will send you back a keychain with a barcode on it. All you have to do it go to your Spotify app and scan the code and it will play your song. I love this one and it is very affordable. $12

Colorful Swan- Projector – Want to set the mood? You send in any photo to Colorful Swan. It could be of your loved one, your family, your pets, a landscape, really anything and they will make it into a projector slide. The images can be displayed on the walls or anywhere you would like! $45

Gifts for Families

Personal Creations- Popcorn Bins– We are all watching more TV and now holiday movies. You never have to share your popcorn again. Personal Creations makes custom popcorn bins. Get creative with sayings or nicknames. Great for the entire family. $16.99

Custom Shoelace Buckles- These are a fun addition to any shoes. Great for those who want to have some custom bling to show off at school. These are on my lists! $12

Art Gifts

Paint Numbers– Custom Paint by Numbers- You can submit any photo and Paint Numbers will turn it into art! Great news is that you do not have to be an artist to make this look like a masterpiece. You just have to follow the instructions and numbers to become your own Picasso. $56

Anonymous Potato– This is to make someone smile. You send in a photo to Anonymous Potato and they will send back that photo on a potato. This is a silly stocking stuffer. $16.99

Regal Pawtraits- Custom Royal Portraits. This is a great gift to keep forever. You can submit any photo, it could be a couple, family, pets, etc. Regal Pawtraits will turn it into a royal portrait. $79.99

Travel Lovers

Conquest Maps– This great Etsy store take your trips and makes large wall decals out of the date and the passport stamp. This is a fun way to remember all your journeys.

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