No Shipping Required: Holiday Gifts

This Holiday gift guide is all about gifting without the stress of shipping. Most of the gifts arrive in the email inbox. These gifts are also great for that person in your life that has it all.

Psychic school- Nurvanna

Nuurvana Method specializes in tapping into your intuition and learning how to manifest the life of your dreams! They help you achieve greater self-love, clarity, and joy. The monthly plan includes 40 audio meditations, written workshop content, and live calls with Psychic professions.  

$33.33/ month

 How to be a Rockstar- MasterClass

Do you know someone who has ever wanted to be a Rockstar or be in a band? MasterClass has so many options to choose from, but one of my favorites is their classes with Metallica. With over 40 years of experience Metallica is the definition of masters. You get 15 video lessons with the band. They teach you everything from how to be in a band, to instrument techniques, to writing songs, to unique stories behind their famous songs.


True Crime Lover- Dear Holmes

Do you know someone who loves true crimes or has ever wanted to be a detective? Dear Holmes is a Victorian era mystery game that is delivered to your doorstep. Each month you get a new mystery to solve. And every week you get a new letter of clues. Try to crack the case and become the top detective. This is great for the family and you can also compete with other players around the world.

$59.99 for 3 months

Music Fans- Songlorious 

Ever dream of having your own theme song? Or know someone this is perfect for? Songlorious was created during the pandemic to help support musicians out of work. They were a big hit on Shark Tank. You submit some info to the musician and they will custom create a song just for you. It will be studio quality and you can keep it forever.

$95 for 1 minute song

Social Media Lover- Preset Filters from Etsy

Know someone who loves social media and wants to make all their photos look the same and have the same enhanced quality. Presets are filters that you apply to your photos. You no longer need to edit your photos wants you find the perfect preset. And they are very affordable.

$8.20 for 300 presets

Craft and Art Lover- Craftsy

This is great for those who like to craft and get creative. Craftsy is a company that has over 1,500 virtual craft classes lead by professionals. There are over 20 hobbies and they lead you from start to finish with step by step instructions. They offer anything from sewing, to painting, to writing, to photography, to gardening, etc!

$7.99/ month or $79.99/ year 

Sports Fans- Golf Analysis- Jonathon Yarwood

This is a great gift for anyone who either currently golfs or wants to learn to golf. You can work with a golf pro to help fix your golf swing or short game. You simply film your swing on your phone, and world renowned golf instructor Jonathan Yarwood will analyze your swing personally and create a video fix for you in 48 hours. Another awesome feature you can add to your purchase for $24.99 is a 3D video of your swing.

A single lesson for $49.99 or a 4 month membership which includes 2 lessons per month for $299

Become a Royal- Established Titles

Do you know someone who loves the royals? You can now gift a royal title of Lordship or Ladyship. Through Established Titles you can purchase dedicated souvenir plot of land in Scotland and get a Lord or Ladyship title. You purchase one square foot of dedicated land in Ardallie & Aberdeenshire Scotland. Each title pack contributes to the preservation and protection of woodland areas in Scotland. The intention is for the land to be kept in its natural state. Also with each purchase, Established Titles plants a tree. To date there have been over 565 thousand trees planted.

For 1 square foot of land and the title of Lord or Lady, it will cost you $49.95

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