What Los Cabos has to Offer: Lindsay on Location

Lindsay on Location goes to Cabo San Lucas! 

Where the mountains, desert, and sea come together. Cabo is a short flight from the United States and has something for everyone. Perfect for families to romantic getaways. Cabo should be on everyone’s list. 

Hotel: The Cape

The Cape Hotel is an experience that you are looking for when you are in Los Cabos. Every room has a view of the ocean and is the only hotel that has views of the famous El Arco from every vantage point in the hotel. You wake up to the crashing of the waves, the sunrays on the balcony, and views all around the marina. The hotel has an open concept where you feel the ocean breeze wherever you are; when you check in, have drinks in their sunken lobby bar, or eat dinner on the patio in their signature restaurant, Manta.

From beachlife to nightlife, the Manta showcases an amazing menu that is inspired from Mexico, Peru, Japan, and beyond. Chef Abisai Sanchez uses local ingredients from Baja and showcases a great drink menu to complement any dish. Order their suckling pig and their fresh catch with a bottle of white. Culinary perfection! 

The Cape’s pool side, or their amazing spa is the perfect way to relax your day away. The views, sun and music will have you enjoying every second. When you pry yourself out of your lounge chair, head over to their poolside bar, Point Break, and order a margarita. Soak up the views and appreciate the beauty. 



A true farm-to-table experience. Tamarindo is set right outside of the town of San Jose Del Cabo. A winding, dusty road will take you up to the farm after a few twists and turns. 

The restaurant is perched on top of a cliff and this gives you an open view of the town and the ocean; perfect to get on their rooftop and see the sunset melt into the mountain side. Tamarindo is not only a restaurant but they also offer cooking classes. I love taking cooking classes when I travel. It is the gift that keeps giving. You get to take everything you learned back home with you. 

Our group cooking class had us making ceviche, stuffed poblano peppers with rice, and flan as dessert. After a few instructions from the chef, we were well on our way cutting, dicing, and mixing our ingredients.

But, before we started the class, we had a walk about the farm, tasting fresh basil, thyme, and their herbs. All the ingredients are grown on the farm, and they buy the fish from their local fishermen. A true testament of being an authentically farm to table experience.

Our skills are not the finest in the culinary world, but we managed to follow full instruction. At the end, the chef served us our creations and you could taste the freshness. We were all very proud of our new found skills in the kitchen. 

Bring a group. Learn some tricks of the trade to Mexican cooking. Open a bottle of their Albarino and enjoy life on the farm.

Sunset Monalisa

Lindsay on Location was filmed in this restaurant carved out on the side of a cliff. Sunset Monalisa is perfectly set overlooking the Arch of Cabo. Sunset in Cabo is filled with purples, pinks, and reds piercing through the clouds and there is no better view for nature’s show than Sunset Monalisa.

Every sunset is serenaded by Monalisa’s team ritual. The ritual consists of emitting a sound with the gong that generates a vibration. Energetically cleaning the environment. They blow the conch shell right when sunset begins its descent. They face the four cardinal points that represent water, fire, air, and earth. This ritual has been going strong for ten years. 

We didn’t even get to the food yet. Sunset Monalisa offers all different kinds of tasting menus. The menu changes on a weekly basis depending on the freshness of ingredients. And their cocktail menu is inspired by the power of nature. Sunset Monalisa is a true culinary experience that will have you smiling for days. Do not miss out on this gem. 


What can I say? Chef Angel has made a unique culinary experience in Los Cabos. He has fused together Mexican and Japanese cuisine. Keeping his roots of Mexico and the tradition of Japan on every plate. The recipes are original and you can feel the passion on every plate that is served to you. 

We were lucky enough to experience omakase, the chef’s choice, during our visit. Twelve courses were sent our way. Each one is different and unique. Each one melting in our mouths. My reaction keeps getting more animated with each course. Because I just kept being blown away. You can feel the passion and freshness every time. 

Not only did we get to eat at Nicksan we also took a cooking class with Chef Angel. His patience and teaching skills made us feel like we were ready to be Sushi chefs ourselves. We walked away with so much knowledge and a full belly of Ceviche and Poke made by us. Nicksan is what sushi dreams are made of. 

Lupita tacos

District 23400 is the heart of San Jose de Cabo. The area downtown is full of restaurants, art galleries, and stores. This is the place to get so much food and culture of the area. There are restaurants for everyone. From fine dining, to street food.

Looking for some good tacos? Cabo has taco stands throughout the area, but the best spot we encountered was La Lupita and Mezcal. Located in the heart of San Jose Del Cabo and within walking distance of all the happenings in town, La Lupita has the taste, flavor, and quality that you are looking for.  

Be brave. Order the beef tongue, which just bursts in flavor. If that’s not for you try the chicken mole, or chipotle shrimp. You can not go wrong. Their tacos are street style with the freshest ingredients. Don’t worry there are options for everyone, 26 taco options to be exact. 


Some people want to enjoy the beach and relax on vacations, but some want to have jump on all the thrill seeking activities. Cabo has it all! 

Cabo sailing

You have to get on the water when you are in Cabo. Whether you want to do some fishing, swim in their crystal clear water, or hang out on Lover’s Beach, just make sure you are on the Sea of Cortez. Sea of Cortez has perfect blue water for snorkeling. The Pacific Ocean is pretty rough and not safe to swim in. 

Cabo Sailing provided us with a private excursion that included cocktails, delicious ceviche, and fresh fruit. It is a quick pop over to Lover’s Beach from the marina. Once we were there, we grabbed our snorkel gear and jumped right in. That Cabo sun likes to beat down on your skin, so a quick swim gives some needed relief. 

Cactus Tour

Camels in Cabo? Why not?

Cactus Tour rescues camels from circuses and gives them a new home by the beach. You will get the experience of riding camels through the mountainous terrain, sandy beaches, and flatlands. The trainers walk with you to ensure a safe experience and make sure you are enjoying the stroll around the land. It was great to see and enjoy these gentle giants close up. 


We are huge coffee lovers. We always find new coffee and bring it back home with us. This trip we found Coffee Lab

Coffee Lovers, head to Coffee Lab in downtown San Jose Del Cabo. They have seats outside for you to enjoy all their coffee varieties. All of Mexico’s coffee is represented in the cafe. If you need to work during your Cabo stay, they have work spaces if you need to get a bit of work in. 

Grab their Veracruz medium roast coffee for some good drinking.

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