24 Hours in San Francisco

24 hours is not enough to spend your time in San Francisco, the Golden City. But, if you are stretched for time when you come into the Bay Area, we got just the list for you. 

Where to Stay

San Francisco is filled with diverse neighborhoods, with different attitudes and vibes. Being centralized is key when bouncing around for the day. Hotel Spero is two blocks away from Union Square, which is within walking distance of Chinatown and Little Italy. Also, the transit system is only a six-minute stroll. Hotel Spero was renovated in 2018, but its roots started back in 1923. The Spanish design throughout the property and open space concept is quite the design. The property has partnered with kind traveler, which is a give + get hotel booking and media platform that empowers travelers. Every night you stay with a Kind Traveler hotel a $10 donation to a local charity will be given. Hotel Spero is active in the local community by giving back with Kind Traveler. Let’s travel better and give back to our local communities.


Wake up from a good night’s sleep. Mosey through Union Square, then get yourself to Chinatown and head towards Little Italy. It is an easy walk to see some sights and finally be at Cavalli Cafe for some coffee and breakfast. The walk is twenty minutes and a great way to get the legs moving early in the day. Sit outside with your cup of cappuccino, eat some pastries and people watch. You will be transported to the old country in no time. 

From Cavalli Cafe, you will be a stone’s throw away from Washington Square. Go have a seat on the steps of Saints Peter and Paul church, where Joe Dimaggio and Marilyn Monroe took some famous wedding photos. Now that your legs have been stretched and you are ready to be on the move.


Fifteen minutes from Washington Square is Buena Vista. Never have I ever been to a mega touristy locale and enjoyed myself. Tourist trap or not. Go to Buena Vista and enjoy their unofficial, official Irish coffee. It is so popular that the server just yells out a number, and the bartender knows it’s for Irish coffees. They’re so good you will be ordering a few.

While you enjoy your Irish coffee, take in some fantastic views of the bay covered with fog. Let’s hope it’s a day you can see the bay. When the fog comes rolling in, it blankets the whole bay.

Lunch/Pre Dinner Time

After getting a double dose of coffee in your system, it is time to put that coffee to good use. It is a forty-minute walk or a short car lift to the Ferry Building Plaza. It is a good walk to do because you will pass through North Beach. The neighborhood has murals depicting scenes from California’s history and is rich with the music and bar scene. Don’t miss Pier 39 if you are into tourist traps, being among only tourists, and not seeing any locals there.

If you are lucky enough to be there Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, you will be able to see their farmer’s market. A great way to experience everything local in Northern California. The food, drink and everything in between can be experienced. Food trucks are scattered outside, and you can grab some cuisine from all over the world. But, don’t fret if you are not there for the farmer’s market. Park yourself at Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant. Have them pour you a glass of Pinot Noir from Sonoma County with a meat and cheese platter. Let’s eat and drink some more. Make sure to walk around in the plaza and spend some time looking at all the shops. It is quite the spot for window shopping for artisanal goods.

Dinner Time

With a day of coffee and wine you may want to have a lighter dinner. Head to Gusto for some of that Italian taste in San Francisco. The walk is about twenty minutes from the Ferry Building Plaza.

Pizza lovers need to experience Gusto. As pizza lovers know, it is all about the flour when it comes to pizza. Gusto uses soy flour, wheat flour, rice flour and dried sourdough, and this turns it into Pinsa Romana. The recipe makes it airy, puffy, and light. Something you have to try before leaving the bay area. 

Get the Diavola if you like that spicy life. And, if you have any room left in the tank, get the tiramisu for dessert to treat yourself from walking all day long. 

After Dinner

If you are still able to keep the legs moving, head on over to Resolute. With only five minutes on foot from Gusto, you have to stop here before ending the day tour of San Francisco. A wine bar with a fantastic wine list. Come for the wine. Order the Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa and have a seat in one of their booths. Don’t go short. Order the bottle. If you don’t finish it, they will cork it for you to enjoy at a later date. 

There it is. A whirlwind tour of the city. You saw the foggy bay, the seals squawking on the pier, and the diversity of chinatown and little Italy.

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