What to do in Kauai for a Month

I was extremely lucky to be able to spend one month in Kauai. I was house sitting for a great friend and truly was able to make Kauai home for the month. The island is such a magical place and should be on everyone’s list! You feel like you are really on the set of Jurassic Park. The gorgeous hikes, waterfall, and beaches rival just about any others around the world. I am going to breakdown all the ways I fully enjoyed the Island without spending a fortune. I promise you, it is possible! This is how I spent my one Month in Kauai.

Hikes: You must take advantage of the gorgeous hikes around the island, and guess what, they are FREE!

Waimea canyon trail

A great intermediate hike with great views that wrap around the “Grand Canyon of Kauai.” Make sure to bring some good shoes, because it can get muddy and the climb back up gets tough.

Kuilau ridge trail

A great intermediate hike that fully immerses you in the jungle. After the hike you are rewarded with a great rope swing into the water to cool you off.

Kalalu trail

It is a 11-mile hike, so be ready when you see these beautiful views of the ocean and world famous Na Pali coast. It is the only trail that goes into the world famous coastline. If you only want to do part of the trail take it for 2 miles to the beach and then you can enjoy the views then head back.

Oklehao trail

It is 2.5 miles each way, with a pretty steep incline. It is a bit muddy throughout the trail and it is a bit steep throughout, but you are rewarded with a much deserved rest at the top with a bench that gives you views of Hanalei Bay.

Happy Hours: One of my favorite things to do in any city. Its a great way to have some drinks and food at a fraction of the cost. Most happy hours on the island go from 3-6pm. But there are tons to choose from.

The Palette

This restaurant/wine bar has one of the best happy hours on the island and it starts at five and ends at six. Half off flatbreads, beer and wine. They believe nothing beats the simplicity of pairing good wine with great cheese and meat. 

Light house bistro

A great spot on the north side of the island. Happy hour starts at three and stops at six. It includes half-off Mai Tai’s, beer, and wine. They pride themselves on using fresh, local produce and ingredients to create a unique European, pacific rim, fusion menu

Lava lava

Happy hour is from 3-5, and one can sit right on the sand staring out to the ocean. One of the best views with the ocean breeze to enjoy a happy hour. 


Located right in the heartbeat of Hanalei Bay and happy hour starts from 3-5:30. You cannot go wrong stopping here for a drink after a long day at the beach in the sun.

Tahiti nui

This gem has been open since ‘63. Listen to live music for a fun, casual vibe, but before music have some happy hour drinks that will sure make your night.

Experiences: I believe getting into the local experiences is what truly makes a place special. And great news, all the below are affordable.

Kauai rum safaris

You get to take a safari style truck around 105 acres of land. You learn about the land, the history, the fruits and veggies grown, and also all the animals that live there. Along the way you make two stops to try local rum cocktails made with all the ingredients grown right there. This is a great open air immersive experience that I highly recommend.

Koloa rum tastings

I am not much of a rum drinker, but this tasting definitely has changed my mind. These Hawaiian rums are ready to drink and can be sipped on. Also, they are great for Mai Tai’s and great for some rum cake. The Koloa rum tasting room does FREE tastings everyday on the hour. Just make sure you sign up in advance first.

Yoga hole 17

What an experience. Makai hosts sunrise yoga on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. You overlook the ocean, at the edge of a cliff on their golf course. The views and vibes are just breathtaking. You can book through Airbnb experiences.

Kayak Napali coast

Kayak around the Na Pali coast. The trip is about 11 miles, so be ready to work for those views. The dolphins, turtles, and sea creatures alike stop by and join in on the action. 

Paniolo grill

If you are music lover, this place is for you. They have music nightly, and it is full of locals. It also BYOB, so make sure you bring your cooler or wine for the evening. In case you forget there is a great store next door that has a huge selection. The good is also really great, everything is barbecued in their BBQ pit. You can either pay a $10 cover charge, or order food. This place was really cool and you should check it out if you like live music.

Beaches: You can not go wrong with any beaches on Kauai. They all have perfect clear water and white sand. Some are just set up better for families or surf.

Rock quarry beach

A hidden beach that everyone seems to knows about these days. Great for surfing or just sitting back and watching the waves roll in.

Moloaa bay

It is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, picnics, and those magical sunsets. It is tucked away, so you can be away from the crowds a bit. 

Hanalei bay

One of the most iconic spots on the island. The bay is known to be rained on a few times a day, but nothing you can’t handle. Beat the crowds, get there early, then hit up the Hanalei happy-hour spots.

Larsons beach

There is a bit of a hike on this one, but it is one of the most secluded beaches on the island. Bring some some shoes and a chair, because you will want to relax after the mini hike down to the water.

Anini beach

Less crowded than the more popular beaches, but it can get crowded. It has a very narrow beach. It is great for swimming and snorkeling, with its usual calmer waters. 

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