Adult Summer Camp Ideas

Who says camps are just for kids? After the last year, I think we all need to let loose. Let’s channel our inner child and create fun creative ways to have camps for all the adults out there. From competitions, to games, to dance parties, camps are the new safest way to have an adventure this summer. So grab your friends and family and let’s have some fun.

Sports Camp- We all still buzzing from the Olympics. Why not create your own? All you need is some outdoor games, some supplies from your kitchen and you are good to go! Creating a day of competition is fun for all ages. Arrows anyone? I love this magnetic dart board from Stomp Rocket. It is way safer, and almost everyone can get on the board with these strong magnets. Bocce ball and Corn hole are another one of my favorites. As well as egg race (you just need eggs and spoons) or even water balloon toss. You can go simple or go all out. But the fun will be there.

For the darts get 20% off with this discount code KTLADARTS20 available 8/8 – 8/18 on Amazon.

Silent Disco Camp- You heard me right, you can throw your own silent disco. Thanks to companies like Quiet Events you can dance the night away with friends without bothering any neighbors. The fun headphones light up and all sync with others. You can take them to the beach, the park, boardwalk, or even host a fitness class. Go party and dance like no one is watching, because no one is for sure listening. 

Survival Camp- When was the last time you camped? Can you start a fire? Or even put up a tent? Host a survival camp by seeing who has the skills to make it in the wild. Even if it is in your backyard, it will be fun to see who makes it to the end. Cookout, make smores, immerse yourself in nature. Arrive outdoors makes this all so much easier for you. You can rent camping kits that have everything you need for your adventures. All you need to do is set it up. But that’s part of the survival camp, isn’t it? 

Food/Drink Competition Camp- For those who have been eating and drinking more, why not make it a fun game for your friends. You can have a bake off just like on TV. Have set ingredients and see what they can do with them. You can do with with all food and cocktails. Make your friends compete for the best mixologist. I also love blind wine tastings. See who gets the most right. 

Movie Marathon Camp- Outdoor movies have blown up over the last year. This is a great safe way to still enjoy our favorite films. To have a movie marathon camp you just need a white sheet, a projector, everything comfy you can find, and of course popcorn and candy. Get out the bean bags and loungers, or even take it to the pool with floats. You can get creative and throw theme movie nights. 80’s classic, scary movies, or even cult classics. Let’s get movies back in our life. 

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