Traveling in Style

In the 50’s and 60’s, passengers were expected to dress up as if going to a cocktail party, and flights were described as glamorous and luxurious. They took pride in travel because it was a privilege. What happened to those days? As we get back to travelling again, I want you to leave the pajamas, leggings, and sweatpants at home. Because we are going to elevate your travel look. I am not going to make you sacrifice your comfort. It is possible to have both. Stylish and comfortable! And, don’t forget the travel accessories. They are just as important as your outfit. Let’s break it down!

Zara $45


  • Jumpsuits are my go to for quick and easy. Always in style and so comfortable. 
  • If you are like me I do not like my legs touching the seats of a plane or train, so this is great to make sure I am covered. 
  • This pale pink is hot right now, and this linen blend is perfect for light material for the summer. Comfy and cute! 
Zara $80

Perfect 2-Piece:

  • This look is a travel must for me.
  • This is about as close as you will get to pajamas without being pajamas. You are welcome 🙂
  • This fun bold print on print 70’s style is on trend right now
  • It also has a high elastic waist for comfort and hidden pockets. 

H&M $30

Shirt Dress:

  • This is effortless and pure comfort. 
  • The beautiful blue flower print gives it a nice stylish touch. 
  • It has a nice wrap belt that gives it almost a house robe look. 
  • With the summer heat this dress is made of light breathable material
  • And just in case your luggage gets lost, you are good to go straight to dinner in this look. 

Delicora Mask + Chain, Nomadix Towel, Nomatic Luggage

Travel Accessories: All the below are full of style and function. I carry these with me at all times!

Mask-  DELICORA $48

  • Masks are still required for many forms of traveling: on planes, buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation traveling. 
  • Travel safely without compromising style with these trendy gold chain face masks. I live by these! 
  • The chain hooks right onto your mask so you can keep it close while taking it on and off. No more stuffing it in your purse or pocket! 
  • The chain can also double as a 21-inch necklace when not being used as a mask chain

Travel Towel- Nomadix $29

  • The most underrated travel gear.. a towel! 
  • It is so much more than just a towel. From camping, swimming, blanket, seat cover, yoga…
  • It is quick absorbent and even sand resistant. 
  • This packs super light and each towel is made from 30 plastics bottles

Multi- purpose Luggage- Nomatic luggage starts at $150

  • Nomatic travel bag allows you to go from duffle to backpack. 
  • It is water resistant, and has over 20 features which make it a perfect choice for everything from a day at the gym to a weekend vacation. 
  • This is great if you have camera equipment or laptops. 
  • I am someone who only carries on. So their classic carry-on is for me. It is indestructible, has silent wheels, and can fit in the overhead on all flights. 
  • I also always use travel cubes in my carry on, so everything is in one place. Stay organized and stylish!  

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