Why Los Cabos Should be on Your List!

I have been missing travelling, connecting with people, and creating new experiences so much. As we ease restrictions and start to feel comfortable again, I want to help guide you in the direction of adventure again. We can do it safely and with more intention. So when Los Cabos Tourism asked me to be a part of a team that would launch a new JetBlue route and get to explore all the area of Los Cabos, I leaped at the opportunity. The trip was filled with adventures, cultural experiences, lots of food and margaritas, and above all, so much love and connection with new friends in a new place. I am so excited to share with you everything we were able to experience and all the reasons you need to hop on that plane and head south to the tip of Baja, California. 

We had the honor to kick off the inaugural flight with JetBlue. The airline is now starting daily flights out of LAX to Los Cabos. The flight is just a two-hour voyage, and it is such a quick trip to jet out of L.A. for that much deserved break. To commemorate the occasion, the passengers were serenaded by some Mexican music, chips and salsa were served, and Mexican soda. We even had bingo on board where so many lucky passengers won packages of free trips, flights, and meals. The celebration was a great way to initiate our three-day excursion. 

We usually find our own way and figure out the transportation on the fly when we travel, but this time we went for a transportation service. Transcabo provided their services for the three days that we were there. The whole process was smooth and easy from the get go. We felt safe and they even had Wifi on board so I could work while heading to the next location. Transcabo communicated with us through WhatsApp and was there whenever we needed a ride. From the transportation to and from the airport and everything in between, it was delightful to have a ride everywhere in Cabo. 

Also, they were very knowledgeable of the area. Our driver not only drove us, he was our tour guide of downtown San Jose Del Cabo, which is quaint and beautiful. A Spanish mission church is located right in the middle of downtown. There is so much history with the area and how the area has developed into the tourist destination that it is today, which makes it a great spot to walk around and get lost for a moment. 

Our home base for our expedition was Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos. The first step on the property we were greeted by Guillermo, the sales manager. Everyone was all smiles and helped us settle right in. One of the great niceties during the check-in was the option for COVID insurance. Travelers back to the U.S. have to show a negative COVID test within 72 hours, and the property has free onsite testing. With the insurance, if you receive a positive test, they will house you until you receive a negative test. I thought that was a great option knowing that visitors may feel helpless in a critical medical situation.

Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos is all inclusive, which helps you relax and truly enjoy your time there. Whether you are sitting by the pool sipping margaritas or enjoying a bit of music at their piano bar, there’s something for everyone there to decompress after the last two years. We perused their daily activities and workout classes for the day, and we decided to join the fun on the beach. It is a stretching class that starts at 8 a.m. and lasts for about an hour, think of a low-intense yoga class. The instructor was full of energy and had us getting warmed up for our full day ahead. 

The travel experience is amazing when you know you are coming back to a property like Hyatt Ziva that pampers you. Their spa services have everything you need to keep you invigorated throughout the stay. The facility has a whirlpool tub, a sauna, and a plunge pool. We started in the sauna to work up a sweat, jumped in the cold plunge, and got our minds right with an hour-long deep tissue massage. It had been over two years since I had my last massage and my body needed it. It was nice to truly relax and do some self pampering. 

Our first adventure started with Cabo Adventures. The man to know is Mark. He greeted us when we arrived and described our four-hour sailing tour on a catamaran around the Sea of Cortez. He also explained that they have so many options for adventures in Cabo. There really is something for everyone. The captain, Tomas, made the sailing expedition much more special with food, drinks, and activities throughout the day. Straight out of the marina we stopped to take some pictures in front of the famous Arc of Cabo San Lucas. Besides that was the beautiful lover’s beach, which is only accessible by boat,  and behind it the beach most aptly named divorce beach. So, be careful which beach you decide to lounge at.

Tomas explained that at the Arch of Cabo San Lucas is where the divide of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. A lot of tourists and sea lions can be seen enjoying the sun and the waves, or in the winter you can see pods of whales coming down to bear their calves in the warm water. Truly a perfect spot for some photo opportunities on the water.

We all decided to stop and take a plunge into the warm water. Tomas and the crew made sure we were all set on the boat. They provided snorkels, paddle boards, and some ice-cold Margaritas and Pacifico’s and lunch was appetizing chips ‘n’ shrimp with guacamole. There is nothing better comboing Mexican cuisine with life on the boat. Cabo Adventures really made the boat excursion so memorable. 

Cabo Villa Beach resorts hosted us for the afternoon with heavenly mezcalitas and some local snacks. I highly recommend the tamarindo margarita. (For those of you who’ve never tried, you need to get this in your life) Fernando gave us a tour of two rooms that blew us away. From the decor to the details, it is a gorgeous hotel set in the middle of town. The view on the rooftop shows the best of Los Cabos. You can see the marina, the beaches, the open water, and the whole coastline.  Get me on a rooftop with this kind of view, and I’m happy. 

A great spot to wander and get lost in the local dishes is El Merkado. This upscale food hall has something for everyone. Marco from Cantina served us some inspiring mezcal margaritas, which you can never go wrong with. A family-sized pizza from Pan Di Bacco was shared with the table, then we washed it down with some local from the El Beer Shop. This is great for families or a group of friends. They have any cuisine and drink you can think of at El Merkado. 

To end the evening, the restaurant of Sunset Mona Lisa provided natural, breathtaking views, intoxicating menu selection, and a cocktail list that rivals anyone in the world. The restaurant is nestled on top of cliffs, with a perfect view of sunset. Chef Jacob Ramos took us on a culinary journey with a five-course meal that included wood-fired quail, grilled tuna, and local, fresh tar tar. These were paired with cocktails inspired by nature. Try the Typhoon, which is served encased with smoke. It represents the pure essence of natural power. 

While you feast on your braised short rib, you are serenaded by singers standing and performing around the restaurant. The breeze and ocean air combines perfectly for when sunset is starting to launch. Every little concept adds to the ambience. The experience has you savoring every minute. Sunset Mona Lisa is one of the most memorable restaurant experiences I have ever had! 

Getting into the local culture is always my inspiration when traveling. Tamarindo is an organic farm and restaurant that sits right outside of the coast. We had the privilege to take their farm to table cooking class. You start by walking the grounds and seeing what the farmers are growing on the land. You harvest your own vegetables and herbs to prepare for the cooking class. Truly an experience that immerses yourself in local cuisine. The cooking classes showcase a four-course meal that focuses on salsas, guacamole, and Mexican grilling techniques. After the class, you share all the fruits of your labor. We made herb-infused olive oil, a rub for the grouper, and a bowlful of ceviche. Sip on margaritas, enjoy the food, and finish it with some espresso while overlooking their beautiful farm. Hands down one of my favorite things. Travelling and culture means so much more when you get to have hands-on experience and feel and learn the passion behind every dish. 

There is no better way to immerse yourself into the culture than getting into the arts. Patricia Mendoza invited us to her art gallery to partake in a painting class. I think the last time that I painted was in school, back in the day. But, it was so much fun sitting in their courtyard, sipping on Aperol Spritzes and channeling my inner artist. Julio Cesar Celoso inspired us to be the best artiste with his painting techniques. He walked us through step by step to paint the famous Arc of Cabos San Lucas. I was even impressed with myself at the end. But it is all thanks to Julio! 

The stories that Patricia told were quite inspiring. Patricia heard that the local women’s prison were making bags and purses, with recycled plastic. She felt compelled to visit the prison and met these women. The act was so inspirational that Patricia asked them if they would like to make bags for her. Patricia will give money back to the women and to their families. It is a great way to support the local community and make sure that their families are being taken care of. I bought one of the bags and it’s my new favorite accessory. I can’t wait to go back and get more. 

After a day of art and walking downtown, it was time to have a bite to eat. Tres Gallos is an open-air restaurant that serves exquisite Mexican meals. The restaurant is family run and sincerely cares about their patrons. Every night you can be serenaded by their Mariachi band. Their dance moves will get you in the mood to get up and dance with them. 

Mexico planners were with us every step of the way. The company is a high quality destination management company who helped curate our whole trip from the restaurants to the daily activities. Transportation was also coordinated with their team. Erika was beyond amazing and provided those special touches. Great way to see the best of Los Cabos. 

The most exhilarating time can be found at Wild Canyon Experience. It is an adventure park in Los Cabos. They have fun for the entire family. A park for this kids, zip lining, camel rides, bungee jumping, and ATV’s and UTV’s. It was time to brave it on ATV’s and UTV’s. Zipping around the desert, dust flying in your face, and wind whipping around you is what you will find on this tour. It was so much fun thrashing around the trails, taking in the views of cactus and the desert flora. The very end of the trail has anyone coming face to face with their fear of heights. You have to cross a canyon by bridge, and it is legitimately one of the most unique experiences in Los Cabos. This is a perfect activity for all you thrill seekers out there. 

Los Cabos blew away all my expectations. I finally felt refreshed and rejuvenated. It gave me back so many of the things I have been missing. I can’t wait for you all to check out Los Cabos. Everyone in southern California has no excuse! The flight is shorter than a Friday afternoon of interstate 405. I know you are all dying to get back out there. Start with Los Cabos and you will thank me later! 

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