Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Gifting experiences and personalized things are the gifts that keep giving. Let’s create fun lasting memories together this Valentine’s. The holiday is all about connecting and showing how much we care about each other. Let’s think outside the box and get creative with some experiences! 

Celebrated– Party in a Box

We all deserve to celebrate! Why not throw your loved one a safe virtual party this year or a great idea for the entire family just to have a party? Through Celebrated you pick out and curate your party in a box. From balloons, garland, to plates, candles, etc. They even give you menu ideas. Let them supply the party tools and have them safely delivered to your home. We have to connect and have fun now more than ever. 

Prices vary- Starts at $20

Bleu Lavande– Essential Well-Being

We know we need to take care of ourselves, but it has been hard this year. Valentines is a great time to remind our loved ones that they deserve some pamper time. Bleu Lavande uses the natural calming effects of Lavender throughout their products. All their products are made and come from their lavender farm. My favorite is their Zen Moment and Sweet dreams set. A great night’s rest is really the best gift you can give anyone. Lavender is one of the greatest natural ways we can achieve zen and calming. And good news is that it is only one click away farm to door on amazon. Create the pamper moment: Draw a bath with lavender bath foam, light some candles, pour a glass of wine, put on some music, lay out their favorite book and close the door. 

Gift sets: $49

Secretly Society Record Club– Monthly Vinyl Subscription 

This monthly record subscription sends you a new vinyl every month. Sometimes it’s a new release, sometimes it’s a classic. This is a fun one for all the music lovers out there and a great way to get back into your records. 


Personalized Gifts- Personalization Lab– Cutting Board and Cufflinks

Everyone loves when something is personalized. This means it was made just for them. You can personalize almost anything now. My favorites are through Etsy with Personalization Labs. Cutting boards are a great gift. You can add names or dates or even family recipes to your boards. I also love giving personalized cufflinks. It is little things that they look at on a daily basis that makes them think of you. There are a ton of other options through their online store. 

Cutting board: $50

Cuff links: $25

Personal Protection Throw

Created during the pandemic, this multi purpose throw is my new travel go to item. The throw is 6ft x 6 ft and is made of 100% microfiber which includes antimicrobial treatment to the fabric. Its soft you can throw it in your purse and use it to cover airplane/train/bus seats, it’s good to use for beach picnic. You name it! I love products that can be used in a ton of different ways and can help keep me safe.


Feel good Fashion from Alivia

This gift comes with a beautiful story. The brand takes artwork from those with disabilities turns them into fashion. It starts with the art they create in Art therapy and then Alivia turns their creations into beautiful fashion pieces. From dresses, skirts, pajamas, scarfs, to now masks. This is a beautiful gift that tells a human story. 

Masks- $15

Virtual Wine Tastings:

Wine Access

Trying new things is one way we have all been getting through this time. We need to have some fun with any and everything. Wine Access hand selects small and unique wineries around the world. They curate based on your price point and even have curated Valentines wine sets: Galentines Day Set (3 bottles for $70), Surviving Qurentines Together (3 sparkling wines for $96), Valentines Self-Care Kit (2 bottles for $43). There is something for everyone. They also give you a sheet for each wine telling you everything you need to know. About the winery, the wine notes of taste and smell, and even the food you should pair with it. You will be supporting small wineries, and maybe learning something about wine along the way. 

Pine Ridge Winery

Pine Ridge is a beautiful winery in Napa and has just launched February Virtual Date Nights. Every Thursday in February they will do a virtual tasting with people from around the world. You can connect with other wine lovers and have a great date night. Pine Ridge sent us some wine to try! Today we are going to taste their Sparkling wine. Let’s do a little wine tasting. We look at the color, then smell it, and then of course taste. What do you smell and taste? All sparkling wine has its own unique taste. Sparkling wine was founded in 1600 by mistake by Dom Perignon. The most famous is champagne. Some people think that all sparkling wine is champagne, but it has to be from the region in France called champagne to be called that. All others are sparkling wine. There is so much you can learn from wine tastings! 

Virtual Cooking Classes


Have you ever wanted to know how to create and bake a fancy cake or delicious dessert? Valentine’s would not be complete without some chocolate! Instead of just going out and buying desserts this year, learn how to make it. Virtual cooking classes are a great gift and a fun way to connect with each other and learn something too. Fest does online cooking classes that not only teach you the fundamentals to cooking they offer some really unique classes. The classes are private with you and a chef. They help you every step of the way to create a masterpiece. Some of the popular Valentine’s classes are the Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe Cake, Pavolva hearts, and Chocolate eclairs. You will have bragging right after these classes! 

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