Virtually Traveling the World!

We all need some adventure in our life right now. We need to escape and also look forward to future travel. I promise you we will get there, but until then there are ways we can stay safe but also have some fun.

I am taking you from Memphis to England, and finishing on a safari in Africa. Ready to go for the ride?


Let’s start with my home state of Tennessee and travel to Graceland. So many people dream of visiting the home of the King of Rock and Roll. Thousands of people a year make the journey, but since you might not be able to safely travel right now. Great news! You virtually can travel there from the safety of your own home. This newly launched 2- hour virtual guided tour takes you through his Memphis Home, through the meditation garden where he is buried, walk through the entertainment complex, even a tour of his jet. You can see his billiard room , and you can also take a look at some of his performance outfits. You get to experience some of his most famous exhibits and artifacts. The tour is $100, and even allows you to ask any questions. The virtual tours are Jan. 27th, Feb. 25th, and March 25th with more dates to be added. Book your tour now.

Bath, England: 

Next we are virtually travelling to Bath, England. The hugely, successful Netflix show- Bridgerton is all anyone can talk about. And, most of it was filmed in Bath, England. Let’s escape to a different time and take the journey with Duke Hastings and the Bridgertons family and get our royal fix from home.

Royal Crescent was used as the exterior of the Featherington’s home. Royal Crescent first opened as a museum in 1970. It has been decorated and furnished as it might have been during the period 1776. The ball scenes just blew us all away and you can virtually tour the rooms these were filmed in. The Tea Room of the Assembly Rooms and Guildhall were both used for the grand ball scenes. Escape to this majestic town and start planning your future adventures across the pond.

Kruger National Park: 

Finally come with me to a place we all dream about: Africa. Have you ever dreamed of being up close with a lion or a giraffe? Virtually, it is all possible! Let’s virtually experience the beauty of the wild and the Kings of the jungle. There are so many wonderful animals available to see, Kruger Explorer allows you to let the safari into your home. They do weekly IG TV live videos of Safari’s called “Safari Snippits” with Klaserie Drift Safari Camps. They will take you on a virtual safari around the park and teaching you along the way. With that you follow along on the Kruger Explorer app to learn all about the animals and the majestic park. It includes over 300 animal animal profiles and over 70 safari routes. When we can travel again they can help you build the safari of your dreams. This is a great one for the entire family.

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  1. You are an access TV talking about a Greece and Crocia I think can you give me information on it

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