Virtual Holiday Celebrations

Nothing is going to keep us from celebrating this year. We all need it more than ever. Even if it is through a screen, let’s connect and have some fun. The Holidays are all about being together, traditions, and that warm and fuzzy feeling. All of the below can be done via Zoom, Facetime, Google Meet, or however you like to video chat. Don’t forget the hot chocolate, that Christmas sweater, or sending out fun evites. 

Gingerbread Wars- This is a fun way to make gingerbread houses and make it a competition. Make sure everyone has all the essentials and set a timer, then it’s go time! It’s a light fun way to keep the tradition alive, but have fun with others while doing it. 

Holiday Bingo– Who doesn’t love bingo? You can download a free holiday bingo card and email it to everyone to play along. Grandma is going to love seeing all your faces. You can have fun festive prizes for each winner. 

Secret Santa– You can still do your annual secret santa. The host pulls names in advance and makes sure everyone knows who they have. Set a price limit for the gifts,  make sure each gift is delivered to the right person, then zoom with everyone to unwrap their gifts. Bring the extended family together with this holiday fun. 

Holiday Happy Hour– Send out ingredients to make holiday cocktails together. Then have fun getting messy making each one. You can cheers and tell your favorite holiday memories. Some of my favorite holiday cocktails are: Eggnog Martini, Mulled Wine, Ginger Snap, and of course a hot chocolate DIY bar. You can also learn a little something and host a holiday wine tasting. Make sure everyone has wine from each region and compare notes. 

Tree Decoration– Leading up to the holiday get the family involved with decorating the tree. Especially the grandparents. Let everyone help pick out where to put the ornaments. Put on a holiday movie in the background and really get into the spirit. 

Christmas Trivia– How much do you know? One person can play the host of the game and go around to see how much everyone knows about the history all the way to the classic movies. You can have fun with the questions and really try to stump each other.

Holiday Scavenger Hunt-  This is a fun interactive game that is more of a “show and tell.” We need the kids to have some fun this holiday season. You list fun items that everyone has to either go find or share with everyone. Examples are: Favorite Ugly Christmas Sweater, Show your stocking, What is your favorite holiday movie, Show your funniest christmas card etc..)

Christmas Caroling/Karaoke– You might not be able to Carol around the neighborhood this year, but continue that tradition. Send out the song list to everyone with the lyrics in advance. Then you can sing your heart out from the comforts of your own homes. You can also take it up a notch with Christmas Karaoke. Play the soundtracks of the classics and take turns having your Mariah Carey moment. You can also always screen share the lyrics with everyone to join along. Perfect combination with decorating the tree and happy hour.

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