Black Friday Week to Cyber Monday Deals

First of all, Black Friday is NOT cancelled. But, it is going to look very different this year. When we think of Black Friday, we think of the lowest deals of the year. But, we also think of massive crowds. The deals will still be there, but the crowds will not. Retailers are encouraging everyone to shop from the safety of their own homes, and they are making the deals big and lasting longer to ensure it’s worth our time. Let’s talk about some of the biggest sale items and deals this year.

When to shop: Traditionally Black Friday kicks start sales through Cyber Monday. But, since so many can’t go into stores this year, retailers are opening up their sales and the days they run to be a week at least. Most are running sales from the Monday before Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday. This gives you plenty of time to really think it over and make the purchases that work best for you. You do not need to stress/impulsive purchase because you think a sale is ending soon. Some major retailers like Best Buy and Target have already rolled out their Black Friday sales. You can start shopping earlier than ever before. 

What to Buy: Sales that run over the Thanksgiving holidays are traditionally with electronics. This year will be no different. There are so many other deals we should be looking out for. We are spending so much time in our homes, in our kitchens, and in our home offices don’t forget to look out for those deals too. Things to look out for: Smart Home Devices, TV’s, Computers, Speakers, Cameras. Besides Tech items look out for large furniture sets like couches, mattresses, dining sets. As always appliances will be on sale this year. Grab your washers, blenders, grills while they are the lowest of the year. 

I did some research and picked out some of my favorite deals that I will be purchasing for holiday gifts this year and some for myself!

Lounge Wear: We are all at home more now that ever. Why not be comfortable and also cute? I just purchased an adorable tie dye sweat shirt with matching pants as well as a sweater set with matching joggings from Hypeach. Lounge wear is everywhere now, and Hypeach is running a big sale of 40% off their site. (Cyber Monday Update: 50% off entire website with the code: Peach50)

At Home Facial: Did you ever think you could give yourself a facial? I sure didn’t, but this year I haven’t been able to get any facials. I miss having that time for me, but more importantly my skin misses them! I found a mini microdermabrasion tool that is easy to use and only take 5 mins. I love microdermabrasion because it helps clears out all the dead skin and imperfections as well as helps with wrinkles. They are usually really expensive. This week Trophy Skin is running a sale on lots of their items. I just purchased the mini and it was only $64 down from $100. With winter coming and having to wear masks all the time, we need to make our skin a priority. (Cyber Monday Update: $35% off entire website with the code: Thankful)

Bedding: Sheets and bedding are on sale and I am so excited. I have fallen in love with PeachSkinSheets and this week they are on sale from $140 to only $60. They are temperature controlled, they have lots of color options, and they have partnered with “O, The Oprah Magazine, in the 2020 Holiday Gift Guide.” What else do you need to know? Get them while you can! (Cyber Monday Update: $60 sheets with the code: Cybermonday)

Wine: Wine is the best gift for yourself or for anyone else in your life. I think we have all been drinking more wine than ever since we are home more. So why not drink delicious wine. Wine Access features under the radar wine makers and also have a big selection of very affordable options too. They have a team that taste and hand select each bottle. I wish i was on that team! I will be doing my own tasting from the comfort of my own home. I also love that they send background info on each bottle so you learn along the way. Get 20% off their website on cyber Monday! I know I will. (Cyber Monday Update: no code necessary for discount)

Overall no matter what day you choose to hit the purchase button the sales are going to be amazing this year. You do not have to worry that you aren’t getting the same deals at home than you would in the stores. The retailers have assured us that they are offering the exact same low prices. So stay at home where you are safe, and shop away! 

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