Things You Should Know When Moving to the City of Angels

As most of you know I have just moved back to Los Angeles after travelling the world for a few years. I have loved every second, but it was time to get an address and really concentrate on my brand. I get a lot of questions about Los Angeles, about what to expect and how to make the leap to move to the City of Angels. 

The amazing thing about Los Angeles is that there are so many unique opportunities. You can really carve out your own path and follow so many dreams here. 

So if you’re planning to move to Los Angeles or the area nearby, here are a few things that you should know!

Save Up Some Money

As one of the more glamorous cities in the world, Los Angeles can be quite expensive. According to OZ Moving in LA, you should save up around $3,000 before you move — and that’s only for the rent! Typically, a room will cost you $1,000 a month, but when you first move, you’ll surely have some additional expenses. Of course, that’s only if you live alone — bringing your family along will certainly cost more.

Aside from the rent, you’ll need to pay for food, bills, and gas. All of that should amount to around $1,000 a month for a single person. So if you want to live comfortably before you find a job, make sure you have a good reserve.

But expenses aside, Los Angeles is so full of scenic views and unforgettable experiences that cost little to nothing. Make sure you take advantage of them all. From famous scenic drives, to hikes, valleys, to the gorgeous endless ocean.

A Car Is a Must

Los Angeles is huge — it covers an area of approximately 470 square miles. Unlike other cities you have to drive to get where you want to go in Los Angeles, and you will probably have to commute to your workplace every day. Also, you may want to see famous sights such as Sunset Boulevard or Rodeo Drive — and having a car gives you the freedom to do so. 

Naturally, you could use public transport — LA doesn’t lack in it. But it’s far simpler to get around using your own car. In fact, most LA natives refuse to use any other transport method. Of course, that means that traffic jams are frequent and parking spots scarce. But at the same time, having your own car gives you the freedom to go wherever you want and return whenever it suits you.

There is only one issue with driving around Los Angeles — it can be pretty confusing when you’ve just moved. Yes, you’ll definitely get lost a few times, but don’t despair. After some time, you’ll drive around LA as if you were born in it!

Pick Your Neighborhood Carefully

Your neighborhood will be your life, so choose wisely. Of course, you will sometimes visit other areas of the city, but not nearly as often as you think — especially if you commute to work daily. You simply won’t be motivated to sit in your car again and drive somewhere far.

So make sure that your neighborhood has everything you need — parks, shops, restaurants, and diners. Ask yourself where you want to live: in a lively area with bars and clubs, or somewhere more peaceful and family-friendly. Then, choose accordingly!

And most importantly, make sure to pick an area that is close to your workplace. The last thing you want is to drive to the opposite side of the city every day. You’d spend half of your day in a car!

Hire the Best LA Movers

Moving is stressful no matter where you are, but relocating to or around Los Angeles is ten times worse. Traffic jams, tangles of freeways and boulevards, crowded streets — all that can make your move a nightmare. You might even start regretting the whole thing before you arrive!

That’s why you should hire the best Los Angeles movers that you can find. When you have a few moving experts on your side, everything becomes a little easier and smoother. They will help you disassemble and pack your furniture, safely load it in their vans, and transport it to your new LA flat or house. 

In fact, the best of them know Los Angeles and the surrounding area like the back of their hand. Thus, you don’t need to worry about your belongings accidentally getting lost.

So why would you bear the struggles of moving on your own? Hiring LA movers is incredibly simple — you just have to give them a call and schedule an appointment. 

The City of Angels Is Waiting for You

Whether you are from a rural area or a city, moving to Los Angeles can be quite daunting. There are so many things to consider, so much to worry about. The city is huge and often overwhelming, and it takes time to get used to it enough to taste its magic.
But once you do, you’ll never wish to live anywhere else. Its wonderful climate will allow you to explore all year long — go hiking, swimming, or sightseeing whenever you want. The city’s energy and lively people will keep you from ever getting bored or wishing to leave. So don’t waste time — take a leap of faith and move to Los Angeles!

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