Thanksgiving- Creating New Traditions While Keeping the Old Ones Alive!

We all need something to look forward to right now. And usually the Holidays are something everyone can get excited about. I know it is hard right now not being able to see loved ones. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate and keep new and old traditions alive. Let’s get creative with food, zoom it up with family, take things outside, and give back this season. Thanksgiving is all about being grateful and giving thanks, but why not have fun with it!

Let’s start with the good stuff, the food! Try something new this year. Below are some ideas that can change up the normal, and also a way to support each other! 

*Neighborhood food swap- Work as a neighborhood to all cook and swap with each other. This is a great way to try new foods, bring the community together, and take a little load off each other. 

*Eat around the world (make food from your favorite places, or places you dream to go) France, Greece, etc) This is such a great way to get excited about new foods this year and to truly escape. Also play some music from around the world and watch a movie that transports you there. 

*Don’t Cook! Support local and order take out. This is a great way to give back and not have to do any of the work. 

*Switch it up! Fry or Brine the turkey, or maybe don’t have turkey at all. Have BBQ or a Ham. You do not have to just do a traditional turkey. Get creative! 

Zoom it up! We all know how to zoom now, but get everyone involved. It really makes a difference to see loved ones face to face even if it is through a screen. 

*Cooking with the family- Zoom with grandma, aunts/uncles, cousins, and learn how to make a family tradition. Make grandma’s famous rolls or her pecan pie. Learn how to carry on something that has always been a part of the family. 

*Wine tastings with friends. Why not learn something and have fun doing. Learn about wines and different regions with your friends from all over. There are great companies that guide you virtually through tastings. 

*Get crafty- Start weekly crafts with the cousins or friends. The kids will love connecting but also having something to look forward to. 

Change it up! 

*Take it outside! -Have a picnic in a park. Make it warm and cozy with hot drinks or even a bonfire.

*Get out your nice china that you never use and have the family get all dressed up. Make it a fancy dinner party 

Give back: This is the time to give back. A little goes a long way. 

*Drop off a cooked meal to a family that really needs it.  

*Buy “Turkey on the Table” which is a turkey that has feathers that you write on everything you are grateful/thankful for. You can do this leading up to the holiday or on the day. And for every turkey sold, Feeding American will donate 10 meals to a family in need. 

*Make someone’s day- Simply showing someone they are loved and that you care makes a huge difference. Drop off a surprise, plan a zoom party, or just send a card

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