Trunk or Treat

Halloween is around the corner. But, how can we really celebrate and stay safe? I am going to break down creative and safe ways we can get spooky, dress up, and truly feel festive this year. 
Why not celebrate all week long? There are so many fun ways for us to really feel like it’s Halloween, and I want you to start now! 

1. Crafts- The thing we are going to miss the most is community this year. So instead of skipping it all, get creative. Take folding tables and set them out in a big yard or park and invite some neighbors over to create Halloween crafts. Make a DIY mask station. Encourage everyone to create masks that match their costumes. Halloween is a holiday where masks are already used, so have fun with it. You could also have ghost or mummy making stations. Just remind everyone to keep their masks on and maintain 6ft distance. But there is still so much fun that can be had. 
2. Spooky themed dinner parties- Create a theme like The Addams Family, get all dressed up. Make food and cocktails that are spooky and fun, and tell ghost stories. Decorate with lots of candles, turn off the lights, and set the mood! 
3. Scary Movies- Show some of the Halloween classics. Maybe even create a “drive-in” movie style set up in a big backyard. You just need a sheet, make some smores, and throw lots of pillows and blankets on the ground to make it cozy. If you distance the set up, you can invite some of the neighborhood friends over. 
4. Storytime- We all have that one person in the neighborhood that is an amazing story teller. Have them set up on their porch and dress up and read Halloween stories. You can take turns going over or distance yourself. 
5. Scavenger Hunt- If the kids can’t go house to house, make it a fun scavenger hunt for them. hide candy or mini pumpkins around the house or neighborhood that they have to find. They still get their candy, but it’s a fun game too! 

Trick or treating might not look the same but you can still show everyone your costumes and also get that candy.

1. Trunk or Treat: Set up in a big parking lot or field. Everyone decorates their trunks and gets to show off their costumes and get some candy. You can do this with family members or some of the neighborhood. This makes it easy to distance, but also lets everyone feel like they are getting to enjoy the holiday. Instead of having a bowl of candy make sure you set up individual bags for each kid so it is grab and go. 
2. Halloween Car Parade: Let’s start a new trend of Halloween parades! Decorate the car and get everyone in costume and arrange for the entire neighborhood to do the same. You can drive around and show off your creativity. This is also great for the older generations. They are not going to be able to see all the kids dressed up. This is a way for them to enjoy but stay safe. 
3. Zoom Costume Contest/Dance Party- I will be having lots of Zoom parties over the holidays. This is the best way for us to connect with people around the world. You can even send out evites to make the occasion. Have a costume contest with prizes, as well as, a Halloween dance party with a playlist. Monster Mash anyone?

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