Why Not Work in Paradise?

Life has taken a turn for the entire world this year. The good-old days of going into the office and having face-to-face meetings seem like decades ago. Most people have fantasized about leaving their 9 to 5 and head for a place to escape it all. And that is exactly what I decided to do!

The world has experienced extreme financial hardships, especially the tourism industry from being shut down during the pandemic. Many countries want digital nomads to come to their countries to help local economies. This is great news for people who have that wanderlust in their souls. Countries are starting to create programs that lure the digital nomad to come live and work there. I went the easier route by going to Tulum, Mexico because they have a six-month visa for Americans.

Tulum has everything that I need to thrive in my daily life: a tropical climate, beaches that go on for days, and an international scene. This means that I get to have daily walks on the beach for a bit of inspiration when it is needed, be able to find some delicious smoothie bowls for lunch, and live in a massive affordable accommodation in town.

The most important facet of being a digital nomad is having a reliable internet connection. It is the first question that I always ask before I book anything, how fast is your wifi? Tulum has been installing fiber optics because of the flux of expats coming into the area over the years. With everything Tulum has to offer, I knew it was time to head to Mexico. 

The ocean was calling my name and I had to answer. Just the sound of the roll of the ocean can put you in the deepest sleep. And sleep is something that I was having a hard time with. So many of us have felt the stress of the world, and I just was begging for that perfect night’s sleep. The majority of my work life has been filled with views of the concrete jungle in NYC, so you can imagine how the natural sounds of the Caribbean can really put my mind at ease. My productivity level has been through the roof while working in Tulum. 

My morning work-routine involves having my morning brew and a stroll on the beach. Having no commute in the morning creates time for you to start your day right and what better way to start the day than with sand between your toes. Before others rise and take up their spots on the beach, I try to take advantage of the peaceful morning. The sun rises over the horizon with the cresting waves and it is truly a magical moment to start any day. 

After wandering the coastline and getting myself mentally prepared for my day, I pop up to my balcony, which overlooks the jungle with my laptop in hand. There are no views of gray buildings or morning chatter. The day is ready to begin with the sounds of the Caribbean ringing in my ears; the sounds are of colorful birds buzzing around and the ocean wind zipping by. If that doesn’t get the creative juices flowing for the day, I do not know what will. 

I spend my mornings and afternoons in full work mode. The value about remote working is that you really can be anywhere and no one knows. As long as you keep up on your work, this is the key to remote work. You can not fall behind, but that is my inspiration and drive. If I want to sit in paradise, I have to work just as hard to do so. I am diligent with my time, so I never have to work crazy hours. I just make the hours count. The reason for being in Mexico is to explore and really be in Mexico. I am able to hop on a bike to listen to live music at Batey, take a dip in a cenote in the afternoon to reenergize my creativity, or have a Mexican lager to beat the daily heat. 

Tulum has all the exquisite beaches, but you cannot forget about the town, which is a couple of miles from the shore. Smaller towns can lack in diversity when it comes to eating options or places to stay, but the town is exploding with new properties, apartment-styled accommodations, and has a variety of restaurants representing many nations. You can find Italian eateries to Argentinian restaurants all along the main avenue. Of course those perfect authentic, Mexican taco stands are scattered through town. The amount of restaurants that are popping up can have you eating at a new place every night. And the town of Tulum is very affordable. Staying in the heart of a city away from tourists will always help out your wallet. 

Your living quarters are extremely important when you are living where you are working. There seems to be new apartments rising up on every street for the town to handle all the visitors. These new structures are nestled right in the jungle and on the edge of town. The seclusion from town, the size of the apartments, and the amenities, like private pool, strong wifi, and a full, functioning kitchen is made for folks who want to come down to Tulum to work. Having a kitchen and really feeling like you have moved in, make a huge difference. When you unpack and settle in, then you can become more organized and motivated.  

It gets very hot in the late summer in Tulum. If you are one to not like the heat try coming during high season which is fall into winter. But prices are always lower in the low season. You get used to the heat, but that doesn’t make it any cooler. Do your research about where you are travelling to and the weather. Also make sure your accommodation has AC. AC is a luxury in most countries. 

I have missed travelling so much. There are so many things that we have not been able to do over the last 6 months. I knew that I needed a huge change in scenery. I did my research and Mexico checked all the boxes. We all know now that most of us can work from home. Why not turn your home into an apartment somewhere exotic. If you can stay on top of your work, be more productive and inspired, why not take that leap. We need something to keep pushing us forward right now. I had a major creativity block. Creating new ideas and designs is required in the industry that I work in and Tulum has given me a jolt of energy. Reconnecting with my mind, body, and soul has brought me some comfort after one of the craziest years we have experienced. Tulum is made for the sanctity of the digital nomad.


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