Virtual Fashion Tips

Getting ready for work has an entirely different meaning to us the last four months. Head to toe fashion is just not on our radar. What is on the radar is all about the head to shoulders. It might sound simple, but how many bright shirts can you really have? Let’s break down some tips and tricks to virtual fashion and how we can still have fun with it. Even though it’s easy to phone it in right now, the saying really is true: dress for success. I challenge you to put in a little effort. 


This is for everyone. Colors do really change the mood. If you are feeling low or need a mid-day boost, throw on some bright color. You will also pop more on whatever backdrop that you have. On TV they do not suggest you wear white because it can wash you out, or you can blend in with a white wall. Patterns and colors can help you stand out. But, if you are going for the casual look, stick to solid colors. A monochromatic look is always a big hit in fashion. And, virtual life is no different. From a polo to a cardigan, do solid colors for it to look more polished. 


While most people on video calls are business on the top and party on the bottom, I take the other route. I wear lots of dresses. For me it’s a no fail. It’s one clothing item, it’s just easier. And, I feel more put together. Whatever we can do to make our lives easier at the moment is the number one goal. 

New normal vs. Office normal

Some of you out there get dressed every morning just like you were going to the office. But, let’s be honest, most of us aren’t getting ready. Some are wearing PJ’s all day, some aren’t wearing anything on the bottom at all. But, I think there is a happy medium. This is the time you can get away with a nice t-shirt, or that cozy, chic look. You do not have to dress up each day, but a little effort allows you to show up, but also remain comfortable. 


All accessories should be your best friend. This goes for everyone. When I am super tired, I get out my “smart” glasses, which just so happen to be cute. They cover my baggy eyes without anyone knowing. Headbands, earrings, a statement necklace, and lipstick are all things that can turn your look around in seconds. For everyone with longer hair I change mine up constantly. From low bun to high bun to straight to curly my hair is probably my number one trick to change up my look. 


You might have your go-to spot for your virtual meetings. But, have you thought about the lighting? The number one thing to focus on is the natural light. It needs to be facing you. You never want it to be behind you, then you are back lit and no one will be able to see you. You should buy a light clip that you can put on your phone or computer for under $10 that can light up any room. This will just help you look professional.

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