Let’s Bring Date Night Back

One thing for sure, is that we have to up our date nights and keep romance alive! No matter what else is going on in the world, we need that. We have to create small things to look forward to on a weekly basis. Let’s enhance date night in any way we can. Not being able to go to our favorite restaurant or having impromptu wine bar nights has been something we have all taken for granted . The mission is to elevate your daily and nightly routine to create something special. Let’s bring date night back, but in our own safe way. 

1. Movie Night– Let’s upgrade the Netflix nights. By now we may have watched every movie online, but let’s get a little creative. Take the fun outside. Get a small movie projector online (you can get one on Amazon for under $50), hang a white sheet and set out some cushions on the ground to create your own romantic movie night. Don’t forget the candy and popcorn. 

2. Beach Day Picnic– If you are like me, I am a huge beach fan. Even if you don’t live near the beach, you can create a beach style picnic. Grab a beach blanket, some summer rose wine, meat and cheese, play some of your go-to music, and lounge. Maybe even play your favorite beach games like bocce ball or set up a badminton game

3. Re-create your FIRST date– That’s right that very first date that you had. From the food to the ambiance to recreate that magic. This is one of the most romantic things that you could do. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same, but it is the effort that means so much. Do your best, but trust me this will be a huge success. 

4. Glamping- All you need is a couple of long sticks, rope, and some fabric to create a tent. Have lots of blankets and pillows and hang some string lights. Maybe make some s’mores and just star gaze. Maybe even get bold and sleep there overnight. Be one with nature. 

5. Favorite Place or Dream location– So many people missed out on vacations, or maybe they just dream of going on one. Re-create them! Take your date to Italy with Italian food, wine, and music. You can even watch a virtual tour of the Venice canals while  having an Aperol Spritz.  If your favorite place is Mexico, make homemade margaritas, have a “taco stand” and bring the mariachi band to your living room by streaming it online. 

6. Upgrade dinner– Order takeout from your favorite place (take turns picking so it’s a surprise for one of you) get ready in separate rooms and have a fun reveal. Let’s get fancy. Get out the nice plates, wine glasses, and take off those sweats into some nice clothes. 

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