Nature is Calling

Imagine waking up overlooking the rolling hills or smelling the mountain air. Or enjoying a glass of wine while sitting in the winery fields. This might sound impossible at the moment, but they are on the horizon.

States are slowly lifting restrictions. They are varying state to state, but one thing is true for all we miss that open air. Nature is something that we take for granted. And I think we are all aware of that more now than ever. We can’t just go sit on the beach, or take that hike. This new normal has taught us many things, but mostly is to be grateful for what we have.
I get energized by the big outdoors. The sun, sand, and adrenaline of being outside can turn my entire day around. I am not used to be inside so much. And I know a lot of you feel the same. Zion, Joshua Tree, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon are all among some of the National Parks that are open. Some will open portions of their parks for day use. Also in some areas they will be enforcing social distancing, but you can go and enjoy them! You don’t have to go to a public park to enjoy nature. It is all around us. And guess what, nature is free! The important thing is to get some healthy fresh air. You can easily social distance in wide open spaces.
Road Trips are something that I fell in love with a long time ago. And I have this new found love for RV/Camper trips. Being on the move with everything you need in one place. You can stay or stop anywhere you want. Who doesn’t love that. And with everything going on in the world I think it is the perfect time to take that adventure. You are safely inside your own vehicle or camper with those that you have safely been quarantining with. We are not sure when restrictions will be fully lifted. But by being safe we can still have an experience. Our country is covered with some of the best national parks in the world. There are endless choices all close to home.
You might not be ready to stay in hotels or vacation rentals, but if you have your RV or camper you don’t need one. You can rent these from various websites and then the open road is yours. Cruise America and RV Share are some options for rental companies. Your kids need a break, You need a break, why not do it if you can do it safely. Harvest Host is my new favorite thing. They work with over 1,000 host to provide you with free overnight space to park your RV/Camper. The spaces are all small businesses of farms, wineries, breweries, local museums. You pay a yearly membership of $79 and then your night stay is free. All they ask is you give back to the business. Buy some crops from the farm, taste some local wine. You get to stay in your own space while overlooking priceless scenery.
We all need to get out right now, and nature is calling!

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