The Art of the Staycation

So many of us missed birthday, anniversaries, graduations, spring breaks during the past few months. It was difficult to really celebrate besides endless zoom parties. It is also a time where we need something to look forward to. Most cities still have restrictions in place, and we of course need to be very careful moving forward. But if you take the extra precautions you can do a local staycation just right!

Vacation Rentals have been very open about how important it is to ensure their accommodations are sterile and safe. They are enforcing 24 hours between each rental to make sure there is enough time to fully disinfect. I have been looking at July for my birthday to rent out a beach house and support as many local and small businesses as I can. We can’t travel far at the moment, but if I stay with the one person I have been quarantining with and we drive somewhere we are not exposing ourselves. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by small beaches here in South Carolina. Vacation rentals were shut down during the height of the virus, but have been opening back up. Beaches are only open for exercise or movement, but that is fine by me. I just want to walk on the beach and sit on a porch looking at the beach. That is my happy place.
 As we move forward, lets travel with intention and mindfulness. I am focusing on local and small businesses and domestic travel. When the restrictions are lifted, I plan to give back to the community as much as I can. We can also start now on vacation; you usually eat out, you have ice cream, you buy souvenirs, you do excursions. These are all small businesses that need our help. Your staycation can also be from the safety of your own home. You can order food, buy gift cards, book that excursion for the future. These are ways you can help. We can safely and mindfully start to get back to a normal. We now have the tools to know how to do that. A staycation is about having that experience and adventure close to home. Because sometimes for us to really reset to be productive or have a clearer head is to step outside of our world. You can do all of the smart and safe. But our local communities and businesses are going to count on us to keep them going. So whenever you feel like it is time, give back in anyway you can and take that staycation.

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