How to stay focused while working from home?

Now that working from home is our new normal, how are you adjusting? I am someone who works from anywhere; could be a home, hotel, sometimes even the car. That being said I have to be disciplined. Otherwise, I would never get anything done.  But even for me I had to reevaluate how I can stay focused while working from home.  Our daily schedule has completely shifted. We are expected to continue to work, be full time teacher, parent, the list goes on. We wonder how can we stay focused, motivated, and productive while being at home.

I have a few tips that I use daily:

  • Act like you are going into work. This means change out of your pajamas (it’s so easy not to) and get dressed for the day. If you look and feel the part, it’s one step to being more in the mindset.
  • Create your space. This means set boundaries and create your work space. There needs to be a divide between work and home. Sit in a chair and at a table/desk. Your bed does not count. Make sure you have your work space set up for success.
  • Communication. This is key to keep open and fluid communication with your employees and boss. Just because they aren’t sitting beside you, doesn’t mean you can’t communicate. This is also so you can stay in the know with everything.
  • Work on distractions. Set up your day just like you would at work. Don’t have the TV on or music. At home it’s very easy to get distracted with outside noises and people. If you stay focused and keep distractions to a minimum, you will be more productive. Make sure your family knows that when you are on the clock for your job even if that at home, you need that space to be productive.
  • Stay healthy. This means try to eat healthy. Don’t just snack all day from your kitchen. Keep it to wholesome meals and take breaks. For us to be fully productive sometimes we need to walk away and that’s OK. Go for a walk or just take that lunch break. You will be a better employee even if it is from home.

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