Virtual Life with Kids

Life has gotten crazy over the last few weeks. Parents had to become teachers and kids had to become students in their own homes. It can be easy for everyone to plop down in front of the T.V. and to take a much needed escape. But, you do not want to get in  a groundhog’s day where the days start bleeding together. Add some virtual, educational fun to your daily life while getting some relaxing time with your family.

The Kennedy Space Center is doing daily science lessons, as well as virtual tours of their centers and space. It really gets the imagination stirring.
-Kids love trains and I don’t blame them! I have always loved taking train rides around the world, and now you can too! Here are 13 virtual train rides.
-Museums might not seem to fun for kids, but with the virtual tour options they can focus on the things they love. At the British Museum they can tour the Egyptian mummies, or at The Smithsonian National History Museum they can get up close with the dinosaurs. All of the tours can be accessed through Google Arts & Culture.
-Children’s Museum of Manhattan has launched a “Home Program.” They feature daily activities teaching children something new about the world. For example: They teach you how to train and eat like an astronaut, where did Haitian dance come from and how to do it, or why do they eat out of Bento boxes in japan and how to make one.
Animal Web Cams. Many of the zoo’s and aquariums allow you to access their animal cameras from your home. You can select the tigers or monkeys and watch them in their natural habitat. San Diego Zoo and the Monterrey Aquarium are some of the favorites.
Cosmic Yoga is a youtube channel that teached basic yoga moves for children through stories. It is creative and calming for kids.
Joe Wicks has called himself The Nation’s P. E. Teacher. He is doing daily kid workouts on his youtube for free. He even does a fancy Friday where he encourages everyone to dress up as something fun.
The Kitchen Table Classroom is a great website for free art classes for kids. Everything from drawing, to clay, painting. They are lots of options to choose from.
Art for Kids Hub is a youtube channel where a family shows you how to do art projects for all ages. It is free and fun to watch.
-Socially- Keep them connected to their friends. Have them zoom with classmates, or even let them join houseparty so they can play fun games together.
-Nighttime got a little bit easier with the amazing Dolly Parton reading bed time stories every Thursday night as a part of her ongoing imagination library.

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