How to Stay Educated While Being at Home

Have you ever wished you had the time to further your education, or to take classes in something that really interest you? Or even something that you know nothing about, but are just curious about? At this time in our life when we are at home waiting, we have the time. Make this time matter. There are some great apps and websites that are either free or offering a big discounts right now. You can do anything from take classes at an Ivy League school, learn how to film a movie, to cooking classes inside a famous chefs home.

Coursera: they offer courses from the nation’s top school. Some of the examples of what you can take: “Greek and Roman Mythology” from the University of Pennsylvania, “Imagining other Earths” from Princeton and “Child Nutrition and Cooking” from Stanford.

Class Central: they are offering 500 courses from Ivy League schools for free. For all the children that are home while the schools are closed, they also created a free online learning hub.

Duolingo: the very popular language learning app has added: “Educator and parent guide: making the most out of staying at home.” They have made new lesson plans and step by step guides to help you and your children learn a new language.

Brit + Co: you can do so many creative things with this app. From learning how to decorating a cake to stylizing writing skills. Use the code: SELFCARE for a discount.

Skillshare: offered hundreds of classes taught by experts in their fields. From photography, interior design, writing workshops, webdesign etc…
Right now you can get 2 weeks free.

Elle Luna: famous author and creator #100dayproject is hosting free drawing classes on Instagram live. Daily at 8 am PST.

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