How to Stay Sane at Home

It is hard to be told what to do when you are an adult. Even if you are an introvert, or already work from home, self isolating is a difficult task. It is hard to be told to stay at home away from any social settings or the people and things that we love. This too will pass, but for right now we need to listen and understand the importance of doing the right thing. For yourselves, for our peers, for our Country. Below are some of the things I encourage for you to do to stay sane right now.

1. Stay creative: This means get out of your head and try something new. Challenge yourself. Learn something new, cook a new recipe, do arts & crafts, learn to play the guitar, anything that keeps you mentally creative.

(Favorite Idea: Coursera– Take a course at the MOMA for all the art lovers. Or with SkillShare take a filmaking class) 

2. Stay structured: If we just stay in our pajamas and have no real direction for our day, we could fall into a dark place. This is where cabin fever comes in. If you set goals for yourself and your day, you can keep motivated to keep moving forward. Get dressed in the morning, set meal times, exercise, and have your little victories.

(Favorite Idea: Stay motivated, but be kind to yourself and your schedule. Throughout the day make sure to incorporate me time things. Have a dance party, have spa time, or just read a book).

3. Find joy: What brings you joy? This might be a little different now that you are home bound. But, think outside the box. Find your joy and make it happen. Paint, dance, write, take photos, cook. etc… Joy fills our soul and makes us happier people. There are so many ways to still do all the things.

(favorite idea: Challenge your partner to a cook-off with random pantry ingredients or do like they have in Spain. #frommywindow where you display your artwork in your window for everyone to see and enjoy) 

4. Stay Calm: This is a stressful time. From work to money stress, to the unknown. Take time to decompress. Try writing in your journal. Work on your breathing or mediation. I love to listen to guided mediation. If we can keep ourselves calm and remember that we are all in this together, we will get through this.

Favorite idea: Try Yoga class (stream for free), listen to instrumental music, meditate (try headspace app) , or just be in the moment and grateful for your health.

5. Stay Social (inside): Everyone needs human interactions. It is very important to connect with those that we love, even if we can’t be around them. There are many free apps that allow you to video call each other. You can even do face time happy hours with your friends. Or watch movies together while you video your friends or family. A new take on the netflix and chill, but quarantining responsibly.

We need the important people in our life more now that ever.

(Favorite idea: Zoom is free. It allows you to video talk for 40 mins with up to 100 people)

2 thoughts on “How to Stay Sane at Home

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  1. Beautiful message to wake up to this morning. Thank you !!!
    It is almost our mission statement at our nonprofit and we see miracles there every day. Creating does heal depression and stress. To many art is new and opens up a new world.
    Thank you for your communication to help everyone in this most unusual time.

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