Road Tripping to Joshua Tree

The west coast road trips continue! With a trip to Palm Springs under our belts, it was time to head to Joshua Tree. It seems that the desert keeps calling our name.

Joshua Tree’s beauty shines bright with its fire blazing sunsets, artist inspired stars, extraterrestrial desert flora, and hikes that have you scaling boulders. It is a place that just does not exist anywhere else. The beauty of walking around the national park cannot be compared. The national park is slightly larger than the state of Rhode Island and is named for the Joshua tree’s native to the area. You can get lost in this park and love every second of it.

IMG_5106 - Copy

There are not too many hotels scattered around, so the best way to be in Joshua Tree is staying at a local’s AirBnb, experience some glamping, or be in some unique motels. We were choose glamping and were excited to get the full experience!

The glamping life is something that everyone has to see once in their life. Camping is not usually our cup of tea, but we have been trying to get out of our comfort zone. First of all, the property is set out in the middle of the desert. The views all around you are just sand and mountains. There is not a soul in sight. We truly felt like there was no one else for miles. It was magical and truly remote. It is fun and necessary at times to fully detach from the world and technology. This is where the fun part begins. There is no running water, nor electricity in the tents. But, isn’t that the camping experience? The temperatures can drop to 45 F/7 C every night, so having some heat was a priority. But they have you covered with a heater in the tent that is powered by a propane tank and the lights inside were powered by a solar panel. The one thing that really surprised me was all the details inside the tent. It was very luxurious. There was a platform bed with feathered pillows, board games, a chandelier,  and lots of local tips for the area. It was like nothing we had experienced before.

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One thing that cannot be described is the clarity of the nights. There is no light pollution to interfere with the view of the picture perfect stars or stray sounds from the city life. Every now and then you can hear a distant howl from a coyote or the crackling of a fire way out in the distance. The seclusion of the blacked-out area next to the fire has you right where you want to be. Isn’t there something just when you hear the sounds of silence gazing up at the stars?

A fire pit was set up a few feet from the tent for cooking or boiling some water for coffee. Sitting by the fire brought some critical warmth when hanging out outside. One thing most people do not know is that the desert gets really cold at night. Keep that in mind when packing for your trip. But don’t worry a warm drink in hand can help keep your soul from shivering.

IMG_5005 - Copy

Life is about trying new things and expanding our minds. Take advantage of the beauty all around us. Even if you think you are not the camping type, glamping is a much different experience. You still get to enjoy the nature, but stay and sleep in a very beautiful and comfy tent. If even only once in your life, get in search of a deserted desert, next to a fire, and look up. There is not anything like it.

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