Road Tripping to Palm Springs

Road tripping

We love everything travel. The number one question we always get is where is your favorite place? People always assume that is some tropical destination that takes 14 hours to get to. We have fun filling our lives with new experiences all the time. Our favorite places are just us being on a journey. And, that is why we have been creating road trips the last few weeks. To create an adventure is always on our road map, and we are putting travel in our life only a couple hours away.  Road trips have been becoming our thing on the west coast.


As a kid, we would all pile into the minivan to make the annual trip to see the grandparents. I feel this is everyone’s memory when they would go on a road trip with the family; having mom and dad threaten to turn the car around if you did not behave. It was time to create my own version of road trips. Time to explore the west coast!

Being an east-coast kid, the western part of the U.S. is just a different world. The road can take you from sunny L.A. to the snowy mountains of Big Bear in only a couple of hours. There are not many places in the world where you can experience all the seasons in one day. And, the southwest has a region that does not exist in the east: the desert. The region just has a mystic quality where it is scorching hot during the day and absolutely frigid at night.

Palm Springs is less than a 2 hour drive from Los Angeles, so we decided to pack our bags. The view alone is worth the drive; massive snow-capped mountains set off in the distance and flat, desert plains spreading out as far as you can see. It truly feels like you are in another country.  If you like the heat, then this will be your element. If you head over in the summer, get ready to have your body melt away.


We were ready and excited for the daily heat in Palm Springs. There is no better feeling than getting some sun on your skin in the winter. The area is well known for its quirky, funky style, which is exactly what we love. We decided to check out a hotel which was right up our alley: the monkey tree. It is truly a very unique place that is a classic example of mid-century modern architecture. The owners have made the place so you wouldn’t want to leave. There is a kitchenette in some rooms for you to do some home cooking and also save some money by not eating out. But if you are looking for the restaurant scene it is very busy and buzzing at all hours. 


We lived our best lives at the Monkey Tree Hotel with hanging out by the pool, enjoying their 4 o’clock sangria hour and having some mountain views for us to enjoy all day. We could not find a reason for us to leave the property. Especially, when that heat comes in, you just want to be poolside, but we did manage to leave. But, when we felt the daily heat, we just came back wanting to vegetate poolside.


At times, it felt that Palm Springs was an extension of L.A., with its fine dining and manicured housing. The bars and restaurants have everything that you can find in the city: imported wines, culinary delights, and some high-end boutique shops. We like to keep it local, and The Monkey Tree helped us do that. For us Palm Springs was a true to escape and getaway from Los Angeles. And if you are curious about desert life, this place is for you. 

It is best to find a great property to be stationary in Palm Springs. Get some wine, food to barbecue for the week, and a copious amount of sunscreen when you come for a visit. It is fun to come with a group where you can just unpack and enjoy the heat. Get out of you daily grind, get in the car, and go on an adventure! Palm Springs is calling your name. 


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