Look Good and Feel Good on a Budget!

I feel very strongly that you don’t have to be rich to feel and look good. Whether I’m traveling, looking for new outfits, or just in everyday life, I’m looking for deals that are always budget friendly! I take this mindset and apply it to everything in my life.

When Access Daily asked me to come on the show to create holiday outfits using one item for 3 different looks, I was excited for the challenge! I choose a cream slip dress from H&M that is under $25. I knew by looking at it, there was so much I could do to transform it into many things. When I’m shopping, I always pick things that can be worn in many different ways. If you pick items that are one and done, you are just going to have to spend more money buying more clothes. Be creative with a chic and simple staple.

First look is taking the dress, using some fun sequins party pants, and slipping it over the dress, so the dress becomes a camisole. You can’t even tell it’s still the same dress. Simple, but an amazing transformation. I added a satin blazer to the look. You can use any jacket from a jean jacket to a blazer. This look is fun for an office party or date night!

Next look is fun and a bit retro. I was inspired by The Royal Tennebaums. I layered a lace bodysuit under the dress creating some texture. And to add more fun, I used a leopard jacket from Zara. Animal prints are very in this year, but it also adds a spark to the outfit! You could wear it to the movies or a fun night out. This has a lot of personality.

My last look is one of my favorites. This was a big “wow” moment. I took a structured tulle shirt also from Zara and layered it on top of the dress. I just tucked in the straps, and it becomes a beautiful elegant look. This could be your NYE fancy night out!

I hope you got inspired! This year get creative with one piece that you can transform, or even take items from your own closet and think outside the box! You can look amazing on any budget.

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