Dream Honeymoon on a Dime

Luxury Honeymoon on a Dime!

We all know that weddings can be very expensive but it doesn’t end there; the honeymoon can drain your funds as well. But, it doesn’t have to be. I am not telling you to jeopardize your dream trip, but I want to tell you how you can have it all without spending it all.


Let’s break it down. How would you start searching for your honeymoon trip? Usually there is a beautiful place that you have heard over and over before and that is the place you absolutely have to go. However, this goes along with my first tip. Don’t be married to a location. Be flexible and see what is affordable. On my honeymoon we were originally going to the Greek Islands, but the flights were way too expensive. We found a cheap flight that was half the price to Italy. Of course the islands are still equally amazing, but it is just that the location is different. I wanted to find that exotic beach life, but it did not matter if it was Instagram famous or not.


Next is try to keep an open mind. Search for yourself. What do I mean by this? So many people go on the same honeymoons, whether it is in Santorini, Positano, Dominican Republic, or an all-inclusive resort. They see others posting about it online, and they try to replicate someone else’s vacation. The best plan is to take the road less travelled. Be original and be authentic. Pick a trip for you and your new spouse not because someone else posted about it. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Most likely, if everyone has been there or it is popular on social media, it is going to be on the expensive side. Touristy places are always more pricey. I would rather have more money, so that I can travel longer rather than blow it all in one place in a shorter amount of time.


To give you an idea of what I am talking about, let’s break down the numbers. Let’s take Positano for example. One of the top honeymoon and celebrity destination spots.
A 10-day honeymoon in Positano is an average of $9,954. My 30-day honeymoon in Sardinia was $1,500. Just right there is a night-and-day comparison. We are talking about $1,000 a day vs. $50 difference. If you actually spent 30 days in Positano, you would be paying $23,000 for the month. That is insane!
Average hotel is $560 a night. The daily items like food and wine are also very different. A glass of wine in Positano is $15. A bottle of wine in Sardinia is $15. An average meal in Positano is $140 and in Sardinia it is $25. Does it all make sense now that I break it down? Everything adds up!

Also keep in mind that I also go after what I want with each trip. My mindset is approaching it in a different way. Instead of paying a couple hundred dollars for a day trip on a boat, I rented out my own boat for $40 and had it for the entire day. Instead of buying expensive wine at a restaurant, we went to a local winery that did 5 dollar tastings and bought wine at cost. Instead of paying for an expensive pasta meal, we booked a local experience where we made pasta from scratch.


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