The Colors of Kauai

We had the amazing opportunity of spending a month in Kauai. There was enough time to venture and get a true sense of the local’s life. Enjoy our top picks.


Larsons beach has a secluded experience on the island of Kauai. It’s privacy Getting to this beach you must go down Koolau road and do not miss the Zuckerburg/Facebook property project that is happening right next to the beach. The word on the island is that it will be a ten-year project to complete.

When you depart from the dirt parking lot, there is a ten to fifteen minute trek that has you going through buffalo grass and slippery slopes. It would be wise to bring some sneakers, but if it hasn’t rained, which is a rarity in Kauai, it can be done in sandals. The beauty of the beach is the seclusion and the soft waves that reach the shore. A natural reef is out a hundred yards in the ocean, so it it is great for snorkeling or just relaxing in the water. The beaches on Kauai usually have with rough waves and dangerous currents, however this brings the tranquil effect that one is looking for when you are living the island life. The walk down to the beach can have you spotting some natural wild life: monk seals sunbathing in the dunes or some nudists doing their thing. It is not technically legal to be nude, but you will see people, from both genders, just chilling out relaxing. When beaches are so secluded, you have the freedom to be free.


There is a brewery in the area, Kauai Island Brewery, and we tried their IPA and Porter. We always venture out to find a place’s local ale, but our hearts were taken by something special: the Pipeline Porter. It isn’t specifically found on the island, but it can be had throughout Hawaii. The Pipeline Porter by Kona Brewing company may not be on everyone’s mind for an island drink. Trust me. It is the great balance of coffee, chocolate, and smoothness. All the feels bring it all together. Kona brings this porter to life because it pairs really well with the heat on the island. The porter has you relaxed and the quality is on point.


The hiking life is alive and well on the Kauai island. It seems to be a way of life. People take it very seriously and prepare for it accordingly.

We went on a few hikes, but the canyon hike shows the most beauty of the island.

The canyon hike is on the south side of the island, and it is about forty minutes south of the airport. There is only one highway, Kuhio, that circles the island. Try to get there in the morning before the crowd arrives; it gets full by noon. Once you get to the trail, it wraps around the canyon, which is reminiscent of the Grand Canyon. The trail is very well kept and very safe. There are no death defying obstacles that need to be hurdled, but sneakers are a must and the views are gorgeous. The kicker is that there is a breathtaking waterfall towards the end of the trail. After about forty minutes of hiking, you can reach an opening that has a vista that goes on for miles. There are no guardrails that can help you on this one, so be cautious. Do not miss the view from waterfall. Truly one of the best memories on the island.


Kauai juice company has teamed up with The Local, which is a restaurant/bar located in Kapaa, an eastern town on the island. The Local features a cocktail, The Beach Fire, and it is made in house. There is a combination of mezcal, cucumber, kale, cilantro, pineapple, jalapeño, and Kauai juice in the cocktail. The spice, the smokiness, and the chilled glass are all reasons to hit it up. Wherever you are staying on the island, it is definitely worth a trip. They are closed Mondays and Tuesdays, but their happy hour is from three to five. We went many of times. This is a cannot miss.


By far the best experience on the island. We went every other day to the Waves studio in Princeville. Lulu is the owner and an amazing teacher. She offers classes throughout the day, but you cannot miss her teaching classes. Her style and energy were above and beyond. The studio is equipped with infra-red panels, which make you detox and sweat like crazy in class. Her classes can be challenging for all levels of yogis. She is truly dedicated to her students, and after the third class, she already knew our names. The little touches of the locals are never overlooked. The intro package for unlimited classes was only a hundred dollars, and with going every other day, it was a steal. We definitely got our money’s worth.


The goal to my daily life is to grab a great cup of coffee. We found a coffee shop that filled all our needs, Trilogy. It is located near Princeville, near the island’s lighthouse. I am pretty sure that we had coffee everyday after yoga. It is tucked away behind a little plaza in the Kilauea neighborhood. There are some seats outside, but it is a more of a grab and go kind of place. When we first came into the joint, there was some chocolate that was from Brooklyn, and right then, I knew that we were in a legit coffee shop. They use one of our favorites, intelligentsia beans, and made our go-to drinks just right.


There are a lot of smoothie stands on the island,but The Spot is not an ordinary frozen yogurt bar. It is located right above The Local in Kappa. Their concept is a novel idea. They mix in different ingredients to make your yogurt into one consistency. For example, if you order a Dutch chocolate flavor with almonds and some macadamia nut, they will blend it all into one to get a unique flavor. We went a few times, and the possibility of flavors are endless. Another can’t miss.

Bar or restaurant

Bar acuda was our most memorable meal, and I think we tried everything on the menu; everything from the blackened ahi to the fresh burrata watermelon. It is a tapa style restaurant, which brings a level of chicness to the island. Along with their food, a standout was their wine list. We had the Sancerre, which is always a favorite of ours. The ambience and elegance of Bar acuda gives you a little touch of city life. The taste of the tuna sashimi special is still vivid in our minds.


When we travel, we are always on the lookout for hidden gems. In Kauai it may be a little, but there was one that we didn’t pass up. Kalypso had a half-off bottles of wine special every Tuesday. Getting to this offer every week was a must for us. The food had shining moments, like the ahi poke stacker and the calamari. To keep it fresh, Kalypso has music every Friday with a local band that brings the place together, and it was one of the best memories on the island.

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