English Countryside’s Calling

Visiting England can have you experiencing all different cultures, with London especially. Food and everything around the world is in walking distance in most sections of the city. This aspect makes the city vibrant and rich in diversity. Hundreds of languages are heard while sitting on the tube. One still sees the old English pubs and the historical sights that has made it a world city, but to step outside of this metropolis is truly visiting another world.

Wiltshire, England, located one hour west of London, is a county that has been cut out of a storybook. Small towns that make up the county are littered with neighborhood pubs and sprawling fields. Everyone knows each other in the communities which makes a person feel welcomed when you are having a chat in the stores or next to you getting a coffee. The people and atmosphere unequivocally represents the opposite of London.

There are many paths to experience the locals, so we decided to dive right into one of their local pubs, The Pheasant. British pubs have their favorite beers on tap, but ordering their local, house ale is always a must. Their ales are at room temperature and usually gives a shock to newcomers. Low in alcohol and high in taste usually has the patrons drinking their fill, and we decided to join them. Anyone with drink in hand is welcomed.

Walking through the door it is obvious to the heads turning our way that we are from foreign soil. Knowing we are visiting, the locals wanted us to try the ring and hook game, a popular bar game. It is comprised of a ring attached to a string hanging from the ceiling where a hook is on the wall. The object of the game is to swing the ring onto the hook. This ring and hook game is massively known, but it somehow has slipped through my knowledge. There were many laughs towards us, but everything was in good humor. Games and drinks are always fun to get in with locals while having some laughs.

After laughing and talking with everyone, the country side was next on the English tour. The county is known for horse racing and farmland. Trying to be as local as possible, we stayed at a cottage which sits on a farm that harvests hay and breeds horses. Every morning horses can be seen grazing the land and trotting about. Having a cup of tea in hand while petting a horse is everything England. Breathing in the crisp air while walking around the farmland makes England match our view of the old storybook tales.

Escaping out of London is a must. The farmland, pubs, and drive through the countryside brings the experience alive. The heartland of the people live through these country roads.

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