Lagos: The Edge of the World

Set on the southwest corner of Portugal, the city of Lagos is not a secret to European travelers. The Atlantic winds brings surfers and aquatic venturers to this beach town. Seafood restaurants and a nightlife carve out the curvy streets.

The drive of the town is everything water. Doing a boat tour, kayaking, or getting on the water are the reasons to discover Lagos. Their coast is etched with towering cliffs that shoot up straight from the water. People on the water can discover the grottoes within the cliffs. The views and experience of channeling through these wonders are worth the trip.

Having the opportunity to kayak around the cliffs and grottoes for two hours brought the beauty in hands reach. It was a peek inside of what the water has formed over thousands of years. Unbelievable ridges and jagged rocks scattered the cliff side. It was an experience that should be on everyone’s list.

Along with the grottoes and jagged cliffs, there are secret beaches that are reached by hiking down the cliff or finding your way along the coast. This is something out of a James Bond movie, because people are secluded on the beach enjoying the clear ocean and views.

The nightlife explodes when the sun comes down. Also, when day turns into night, the temperature decides that it is mid-fall. Everyone has the same philosophy when the temperature drops: heavier drinks. Northern-European styled bars with their craft beers are readily available, and they brought relief after a day on the water. A Belgian ale-house serves favorites from their homeland that have ales hovering around ten percent alcohol.

Tourists pack the streets during all hours. The town attracts families to young surfers. Even with the siesta in the middle of the day, it seems everyone hustles around the streets and on the water. Our approach was to take a little from both worlds: relax and be out. The secret beaches have you transported to another world of serenity. The nights had us chatting with some Irish while singing at a local gastropub.

The Europeans love traveling in Portugal and for good reason. It is the best of both worlds.

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