Kingdom of Spain

Barcelona and Madrid have a relationship in the same way New York City and Boston does. Madrid has a smaller feel to its town, but very large in identity. The Spanish passion is felt as soon as you come into its presence. Madrid can be more intimate than Barcelona, with its unlimited tapas, sangria, paella, and flamenco. Each neighborhood brings a different style and lure, with this you can see the history of the streets with every turn.

Visit the Plaza Mayor that dates back to the 15th century. Wrapped around the plaza are cafes and eateries for you to live the plaza life.

El Retiro park brings greenery to the city and, being larger than central park, it is the perfect escape from the world.

Normally crowded with people trying to find their way, Mercado de San Miguel food hall must be walked around with a glass of wine and tapas. People fill the enclosed market, and it can be a bit overwhelming, but once you find your spot you will not want to move for hours.

Flamenco is in the heartbeat of Madrid. Seeing a show once in your life cannot be missed in this city. The music, the dancing, the sweat and the passion touches your soul. Without understanding all the Spanish words to the music, the message and fervor are felt from the performers. The story is within each movement of the dance. There is a connection that is felt in the room. The performers draw spectators in with every single movement. The feeling leaving the theater conjures up feelings of awe and a new-found love.

Plaza life is a way of life in Europe, and that is no different in Madrid. The royal plaza is something out of a movie. You sit in a plaza as a hobby, to people watch, or for a social gathering. The leisure and contentment of food, wine, and great conversation is what makes Europe so magical.


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