Barcelona: the Mecca of Architecture

When the world of travel comes into mind, Paris, London, Rome, and Barcelona are all in the forefront of people’s minds. With doing things a little backwards, my travels have brought me everywhere else in the world, except Spain. From all the stories that were told about the paella, the street cafes, and the sangria, my expectations were high.

Barcelona is busy and packed with people from around the world, along with that comes the charm, history, and beauty of the Spanish flair. You can look past the crowds and see the essence of Barcelona. As you walk the cobblestone streets through the gothic quarter or look up at the Sagrada Familia, you see why this can be at the top of everyone’s lists.
The Guadi buildings in pictures are beautiful, but viewing with your eyes is breathtaking. One must fight the crowds and make sure you see Guadi’s Sagrada Familia, the Plaza Reial , and eat at Mercado Boqueria. If you cannot brave the traffic, biking the city is the best way to see and feel it. They have created beautiful bike paths that let you sightsee and experience every aspect of the city.


There is something in the water that makes me seek it out in every travel. I made sure to check out the southern part of the city, where all the beaches and water-front cafes are. The restaurant and bars are tourist driven, but you can still find the gems. At every turn a tapa’s bar or café can be discovered. You will trek and eat until the end of your days in Barcelona.


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  1. It has been many many years since I have been to Spain! It is exciting to see it through the eyes of someone else. Love it.

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