Love that Favignana life

With Sicily comes the Sicilian way of life.

“There’s two types of powerful, those who own too much and those who don’t own a thing” Sicilian proverb

We decided to make our way over to the island of Favignana. It is situated on the western end of Sicily, and it can easily be reached from Trapani, by ferry, in 30 minutes. It was once dominated by the fisherman, who would make their living by catching the abundance of tuna, but now it is powered by the tourist industry. The tradition of  the fisherman lives on through the restaurants and markets that are all influenced by the sea. There are few beaches, however the island is now known for boating excursions and diving. The crystal, blue water of the Mediterranean makes these tours a must when on this side of Sicily.


The captain of our boat, Francesco, met us at the dock in Favignana, with smiles and enthusiasm.  The group of us were ready for the 6-hour excursion that toured the island. The tour included 3 stops for swimming and snorkeling, a private beach drop-off, and a lunch on the boat.



The water brings joy to your soul. You can dive in right off the boat, and you can see the clarity of the sea. There were 3 stops for us to enjoy the open sea.

The lunch was everything Sicilian. Since the island is known for seafood and tuna, it seemed appropriate for the mid-day dining. The crew served it on crostinis, with wine to follow. Plates upon plates were served in Sicilian fashion, with no complaints from the guests. With bellies full of seafood, wine was the obvious conclusion to this meal. The local Sicilian wine can be found throughout the island, but there is no better place to have vino than on a boat.


After all the excursions, it was time to see what the island life is about. White and blue houses scatter the downtown area.  Favignana’s streets are filled with boutique shops and restaurants, in the downtown area. The area becomes alive when the sun is beginning to set. Many people start to enjoy their aperitivos with their wine during this time period. When in Sicily, do as the Sicilians do. So, sitting at a beach hut, drinking an Aperol spritz, and watching the sunset seemed to close out the day right.


Love that island life.



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