P.S. New York I love you

I’m back! I took a little break from writing. My life has recently taken me to NYC. Sometimes things just appear in front of you, don’t ask why, you just trust the new path.

I moved from NYC almost 4 years ago. NYC was my home for 6 years. Let’s just say it’s the longest relationship I have had in a long time. Just like in some relationships, I needed a break. I needed to experience new things, new people, in a new place. I needed to start over. I am so happy I took this step. I think this is the only way we grow in life. You have to take chances. Since moving to Venice Beach, California I have been so lucky to visit NYC almost every month. But since last May that changed. I no longer was getting my city fix. I had this huge craving to see the city I was in love with for so long. Two months ago a job offer came out of no where, and I was on the next plane. I was New York City bound, and on a mission to fall in love yet again.

New York is the city that inspired me to travel. The city for me is full of beautiful magic. It makes me feel alive. I know for most people the city that never sleeps is a lot to handle. Most are happy with just a long weekend. If you give the city a real close look, you will see it has so much to offer. Yes, nothing ever seems easy. Yes, you walk until your legs feel like they are going to fall off. Yes, winter and the rain are no fun. But then there is that perfect fall day, or when all the holiday decorations are making the city shine bright . This is when I smile and appreciate all the big apple has to offer. In a matter of minutes you can feel like you are in China, Italy, to Poland. There are little worlds of culture everywhere. Exploring the city and getting lost is like traveling around the world by foot.
A southern girl straight out of college stepped foot on the island of Manhattan 10 years ago and has never been the same. The city has played a major part in making me who I am. I have grown and experienced more than I could of ever imagined. It has given me the courage to travel the world without any fear. I always say NYC is bootcamp for life. If you can survive here, you can make it anywhere. Once you get over the hump of the weather and the constant struggle that the city is fighting against you. You have made it. You can call yourself a New Yorker. You deserve it.
Since my days as a concierge, It was my job to know the city inside and out. I am going to let you in on some of my secrets and my favorites places. Some of them are new, most are my old goodies.
Remember that Times Square is the theater district, but it is not the heart of NYC. The people who have lived or live in NYC do not go there. So be like a true New Yorker and get out of that bubble. Explore the best city by foot. Start walking…and enjoy! Fall in love with everything it has to offer. I will let you borrow my boyfriend for a bit 😉

New restaurants:
Dirty French
Charlie Bird
Chefs Club
Bowery Meat Co.

NYC staples:
Il Buco
ABC Kithen
Mercer Kitchen
Gramercy Tavern
Locande Verde
Lure Fish Bar- happy hour
Beauty and Essex
Il Mulino
Blue Hill
Standard Grill

Budget Friendly:
Barrio Chino
Jacks Wife Freda
Criff dogs- come on! Hot dogs and tater tots. *secret bar inside Criff dogs. Walk into the photo booth and pick up the phone and say how many you are. Bar is called PDT- (please don’t tell)
Miss Lilly (east village)
The Smile
Lovely Day

Boom boom room (top of standard hotel) – best view of the city )
Angel share
Death and company
PDT (see above)
Madam Geneva
Little Branch
Mulberry Project
Standard Biergarten

Central Park- it is huge. But go anywhere in the park. It is worth your time to explore. (Take a carriage ride- might be touristy but worth it. Grab some champagne to enjoy while you stroll around)
Highline park- this once train track just recently expanded along the Westside . One of my favorite NYC parks.
Downtown: west village, greenwhich, soho, Nolita, east village, lower east side. I’m a downtown girl. Walk it all
Chelsea Market
Brooklyn Bridge- walk over it to Dumbo. Once on the other side. Best view of the NYC skyline
Museums- American history is my favorite
MET and MOMA are also a must see











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