Seattle shines bright like a diamond

From the moment we landed in Seattle we never once saw a cloud. The immediate sigh you get from everyone about the weather in this beautiful city did not show its true colors to me. I fell in love with its skyline, wine, food, and nature. We lose sight sometimes in the true beauty of everything around us. We quickly go through each day not looking up. Seattle is the perfect long weekend to get away and take many deep breaths. It helps to have great friends as hosts. So I will dedicate this post to the amazing Jaime and Alex. I truly believe that you can make the best of any situation if you are with great company. I had the honor to have just that!
Seattle is broken into a few neighborhoods, all of which have great character all their own. I stayed in Bellevue, but of course went by foot to get lost. If you only have a few days, like I did, you want to hit the ground running.
I asked the donut shop, the restaurant owner, his wife, and even the neighbor, where would you go if you were me? I can google all day long, but I want to know where would YOU go?
Seattle is known for Starbucks, but try something new. We went for coffee and homemade donuts at Top Pot. They were heaven and managed to last for dessert that night too. It helps if your travel buddy is a guy who is a good navigator. We all know my getting lost track record. It also allows you to just enjoy the ride and really soak it all in.
A day of trolley riding, neighborhood exploring, and just amazing food really leads you to start looking at the neighborhood that you could actually live in. I just connected to Capital Hill. It reminded me of San Francisco meets Brooklyn. Two of my favorite places. I also had one of the best meals ever. La Bete is a cute intimate neighborhood gem. I had a local tell me to run to this restaurant before it sadly closes its doors. I just hope it reopens with the same charm and chefs as before. The same lovely local owns a bar close by and we were ready to see the city at night. Liberty is everything you want in a bar. But that is just it, it does not just feel like a bar. They invite you in, explain in details the mixologist style drinks, and then guide you in the right direction. You can even get your cocktail set on fire! You need to check out this bar on your next trip to Capital Hill. Tell Andrew that Lindsay sent you!
We were lucky enough to be in Seattle during the BAM Arts Festival. Over 300 vendors and some heavenly greasy food. There is also a long list of Wineries just a short drive from downtown Seattle. We wanted to visit a few before we hopped back on the plane. We started with a bang with a very popular winery. Chateau St. Michelle did not disappoint. We had a very helpful and very happy man named Gary help us. I just adored him. That is half the experience for me in anyplace. The people. I try to connect, and to listen. Check out the winery online. They have a great lineup for concerts all summer long. After you wine taste, purchase a bottle, buy some cheese and meats from the store, and grab a spot on the grass. This is where it all kicks in. Do I really need to go back home? I could stay here all day…everyday. The nature in Seattle is beyond refreshing. Thank you Seattle for being beautiful, delicious, and making it a magical trip. I will be back…and soon!!!

Seattle Sunset from above

Downtown Seattle

Wine Tasting

Chateau St. Michelle Winery

Fish Market

BAM Arts Festival

Top Pot Donuts

Liberty Bar

Mount Rainier

Me and My wonderful host

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