No plan is my good plan!!

My plan for this trip was no plan. And that is of course easier said than done. We have read about the possible places we are traveling to. But most of our knowledge comes from the people we meet, and the owners of our bed and breakfasts. That is one of my huge money savers. I stay in B & B’s. I of course did the hostel thing when I was younger and they are fine. They are definitely the cheapest option. Now that I am a bit older and like a little privacy B & B’s are the way to go. They are not that much more money than hostels. You can book them in advance and they are all family run and beyond helpful. There is of course the usual language barrier. But that is when I tend to start trying to do a little game of charades. The game usually ends up in a lot of laughter on both parts, and some how I completely understand. I always feel safe and there is something about staying in a family owned business that makes it that much more special. You also get to wake up to breakfast everyday. It is always simple but just right.

Give it a try! Saving a little here and there allows me to travel longer. I still experience everything a place has to offer. I have always said that if you are spending all your time in your room, then you are not traveling right. Walking around and exploring even if you get lost is the best way to truly experience where you are, and see what they have to offer. That’s when the true adventure begins!


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