Pizza = balanced meal..right?

My best friend and I are taking the islands of Europe by storm. Alyson DiFranco is the one who named my website, Getlostwithlindsay, she’s knows me best. I get way lost. But I find myself better than before. She was amazing to sign up for the adventure and for some reason she trust me!! Naples is our first stop in Italy. It is a perfect location to use as a launching place to our island hopping. But it is way more that than. It sadly does not get much credit for being a great Italian city. Just like every great place, it has all the museums, cathedrals, and food and wine you could ever want. It is the birth place of the Napolitano style pizza. Which everyone around the would now mimics. We of course had to seek out the oldest one, Starita, dating back to 1901. It was off the beaten bath and after many many miles seeking this gem..we had worked up an appetite. It was more than we could ever expected.

Delicious can not sum up anything in Italy. Italy excels at many things, but the food and wine are like no other. It is hard to ever look at fresh mozzarella, pizza, pasta, or prosciutto the same again. We ate and walked and did it again each day. We visited the local market, which I do in every place I visit. You really get a true feel of the place and it’s people. You get to see how most people make their living as their families did before them. You also see what they have to offer in produce, seafood, meats….etc. It gives you an idea of how to eat local.

In Italy as a woman if you ever have a low day, or just need a self esteem boost. Just take a few moments and walk around the Italian markets. You will feel like a queen within minutes. They call you Bella and profess their love. A few even asked for my hand in marriage. It puts a smile on your face. Because no matter how sleazy it seems, in Italy there is something about the Italian charm where they can get away with anything.
After a few days in Naples some friends that we have met took us to a town just 30 minutes outside the city called Bacoli. It is a tiny charming beach town. There are clubs on the beach and a few restaurants. But you go here for the view. You can see Naples, Capri, and Ischica. Just grab a bottle of wine and soak it all in. This is our last day on the mainland. We will take a train to a boat to an island called Ponza. We are going to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a bit. See you on the sunny side!


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