Wine vs. Water


The moment when you sit at your first cafe, when you don’t care if you have just flown 14 hours to get here. When you don’t care you have worn the same outfit for the past 2 days. That is the moment when it hits you, you are in Italy heaven. Nothing else matters. This is my 4th time to Italy and I continue to fall in love each time all over again. I always go to new places, and see, drink, and eat new things. Because that is what you do here. You do it all to the fullest and do not feel bad about it. Because come on…it is Italy!! As I take my first sip of Italian wine… where wine is cheaper than water, it hits me, I have arrived!
For the next few weeks I am living like a true Italian. And I couldn’t be more excited about it. Bring on the food and wine, they are going to have to roll me out of here 🙂

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